Check out these ideas for baby shower decorations!

So, you’ve been tasked with decorating for the upcoming baby shower. This is a challenge, but we’ve got a few tips to help you make this shower the best one ever! This list includes some DIY decorations and some decorations you can purchase which saves you even more time. Take a look at these ideas and lets get to decorating!

Simple Candy Jars

Whether the guests will be sitting at tables or gathered around a living room setup, these decorations are fun and functional. These jelly bean jars are adorable decorations and then serve as party favors for your guests after the party is over. You just need some cute jars and your favorite pink and blue candy. For this example, we think pink and blue jelly beans would be great. If you already know the gender, you can choose the color to fill the jars. But, if it is still a surprise, you can mix the jelly beans in each of the jars to keep the mystery. This would be especially great if the baby shower is also a gender reveal party. We’ve found some cute jars to get you started:

Vintage Milk Bottle-Shaped Corked Glass Bottles, Set of 12


Milk bottle shaped party favor adds a true vintage touch to any decor.

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Custom Table Cloth

If you’ve got an eye for painting and are comfortable decorating a table cloth, this is the project for you. All you need is some fabric paint and a clean fabric table cloth (preferably white, but any pastel color could work as well). First, you can lightly pencil out the design you would like on the table cloth. This can be anything from “Congratulations!” or “Oh boy!” if you know the new mom is welcoming a baby boy. You can also pencil out some simple designs like flowers, swirls, or even a teddy bear.

Once you have the words and design you want on the cloth, all you have to do is fill it in with paint. Here, you can also pick the colors you would like to fill in the pencil template with. In the end, you will have a beautiful table cloth to complement the other decorations. Not to mention, you can design this table cloth to be as personal as you want so that the parents can use it after the shower.

Well-Wishes Table

It is also nice for the new mom to have notes of congratulations and encouragement from her guests. This station will serve as a decoration and an activity for the party-goers when the walk in or mingle during the shower. All you need is a set of blank cards, envelopes, pens, a table and a sign or piece of paper that says something like, “Well-Wishes and Advice” set up next to the cards. You might also want a basket or jar for attendees to place their finished cards inside. This idea only has a little bit of preparation and will be something the mom can read after everyone has gone home.

“Mommy Juice” Sign

Every party needs great food and great drinks. For this decoration, you can make a sign that says something like “Mommy Juice” or “There’s a Baby Brewing” to indicate the drink area. Now, there are several different options for the sign. You could purchase a velvet letter board like the one below. Or, you could purchase a small chalk board and write the message with chalk. You could also simply print the sign on card-stock and place it inside beautiful photo frame. The choice is yours!

Farmhouse Wall Decor Felt Letter Board


Farmhouse shabby chic rustic design fits in great with any decor.

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Bring Your Own Baby Picture

Our next decoration is going to involve some participation from all of your guests, but it will be a memorable one for sure. In the invitation, make sure to ask guests to bring a baby photo of themselves. Then, hang some string and provide wooden clothespins. When guests arrive with their baby picture, they can hang it and look at the other guests’ baby pictures as well. This decoration doubles as an activity yours guests will love.

Orrrrr, if you just want to purchase some ready-made decorations…

Baby Shower Decorations, Gold and White

flashy and no-fuss decorations

These super trendy party decorations are perfect for any occasion.

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Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Boy or Girl Gender Reveal Neutral Baby Shower Party Supplies

everything you need to host and decorate a fabulous party

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3-Piece Baby Shower Party Table Decoration - Welcome Little One Honeycomb Centerpiece

Welcome with love

Celebrate the new baby with these cute honeycomb table centerpieces!

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