Gift Guide: Gamer Edition

We all know that one person who is obsessed with gaming, whether it’s Xbox or Playstation, Call of Duty or Fortnite. So, what are you waiting for? Stock up on your chips and energy drinks and get ready to game all night!


Xbox One Gold Wireless Bluetooth Controller

Xbox One Gold Controller

Wireless Bluetooth

Go for the gold!

$84.99 from Amazon Price: $84.99 as of 01-09-2019 00:53 CST

Go for the gold with this Xbox One wireless Bluetooth controller! This controller is perfect for anyone who is obsessed with gaming. Most important, this controller is available in 7 different colors! So, what are you waiting for? Grab a set of matching controllers for you and your gaming buddy. All in all, it’s a perfect gift. We mean, can you ever really have too many Xbox controllers?


Gaming Headset

Gaming Headset

Xbox One; PS4

The ultimate headset for any gamer.

$59.95 from Amazon Price: $59.95 as of 01-09-2019 00:53 CST

Immerse yourself in your games with this Turtle Beach Recon 200 Amplified Gaming Headset. This headset features a rechargeable battery-powered amplified sound from your Xbox One or PS4! Additionally, the high-sensitivity microphone picks up your voice loud and clear and even flips up to mute. Because you can hear and adjust the volume of your voice inside the headset, you’ll never have to shout. Most important, this gaming headset is available in both black and white to match any gamer’s personality.


Headphone Stand Headset Holder

Headphone Stand Headset Holder

One Size

The perfect accessory for any gamer.

$8.99 from Amazon Price: $8.99 as of 01-09-2019 00:53 CST

This headphone stand headset holder supports headphones of all sizes. It’s the perfect accessory for any gamer. Additionally, this headset stand is made of aluminum and TPU rubber to provide a safe and stable foundation for your favorite headphones. This wireless headset stand with unique and stylish design is great for any home, office, studio, bedroom, or living room. All in all, this headset is both practical and modern and would make the perfect addition to any gamer’s collection.


Ultimate Gaming Chair

Ultimate Gaming Chair

Ergonomic Style Swivel Chair

Live your best gaming life.

$99.99 from Amazon Price: $99.99 as of 01-09-2019 00:53 CST

This chair is sure to be a hit! The Homall Gaming Chair extends the full length of the back with support for the shoulders, head, and neck. Additionally, this chair is crafted to perfection and designed to the bodies natural shape, so you will find complete comfort. It features easy to move coaster wheels, a head rest pillow and lumbar cushion, and premium leather material. All in all, this would be a perfect gift for any gamer.

TV Video Game Stand

TV Video Game Stand

Gaming Storage Rack

Who said a gamer can't be organized?

$104.99 from Amazon Price: $104.99 as of 01-09-2019 00:53 CST

This TV video game stand is the best thing gamers never knew they needed! This stand 42″ flat screen TV up to 100 lbs. Additionally, it holds holds 40 games, 3 consoles, and 8 controllers so everything your gamer needs is easily accessible. It has 12 storage compartments and has a unique hourglass design. This TV stand even has rubber feet to make sure your video game stand always stays securely in place. It’s perfect for saving space and organizing all of your gaming equipment and accessories.



Xbox One Chatpad

Xbox One Chatpad

+ Chat Headset

Full backlit QWERTY keyboard

$34.95 from Amazon Price: $34.95 as of 01-09-2019 00:53 CST

This product includes a Xbox One Chatpad and a Chat Headset with a 3.5mm jack that you can plug directly into the Chatpad on your controller. It features a full QWERTY keyboard and a backlit keypad so you can type in the dark. Additionally, this chatted has includes audio control at your fingertips including volume, game/chat mix, and mic mute. 


PS4 External Hard Drive

PS4 External Hard Drive

2 TB

Never run out of storage again!

$79.99 from Amazon Price: $79.99 as of 01-09-2019 00:53 CST

The Game Drive for PS4 is a 2 TB external hard drive upgrade for your favorite game console. You can easily store 50+ games, so you don’t have to delete your favorite classic games to make room for the latest new hit. Additionally, the high-speed USB 3.0 means that you have full-speed gaming, just as if you were playing right off the internal drive. Most important, all you have to do is plug the Game Drive directly into any USB port on your PlayStation console and you will be prompted through an easy setup which takes less than 3 minutes! So this Game Drive for PS4 is perfect for any video game lover out there.

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch

Neon Red/Neon Blue Joy-Con

Play anywhere!

$299.99 from Amazon Price: $299.99 as of 01-09-2019 00:53 CST

This Nintendo Switch is the perfect gift for any gamer! It can be played at home with two controllers. Or, take it on the go for gaming anywhere. Lift Nintendo Switch from the dock and instantly transition to handheld mode for on-the-go gaming. By sharing Joy-Con, players can go head-to-head while away from home. You can also enjoy the same great games in tabletop mode by using the included stand to prop the system up. You can also flip the stand to share the screen, then share your Joy-Con controller for instant multiplayer fun. With over a thousand games on Nintendo Switch, there’s a game for every gathering.


PS4 Controller Charger

PS4 Controller Charger

Standing Charger Dock

Charge in style!

$14.98 from Amazon Price: $14.98 as of 01-09-2019 00:53 CST

This Dual Wireless Controller Charger for PS4 makes the perfect gift! With this charging dock, users will be able to charge up to two dual-shock wireless controllers at once without having to connect them to the PS4 system! Most important, the charge dock can plug directly into the wall, leaving the USB ports on your PS4 open and the console tangle free. All in all, this PS4 Charger Station provides an easy and quick way to charge and store your controllers!

Gaming Eyewear

Gaming Eyewear


Protect yourself from superior blue light protection!

$99.99 from Amazon Price: $99.99 as of 01-09-2019 00:53 CST

Show out and shield your eyes from the deleterious effects of harmful artificial blue light and UV rays with these stylish HyperX Gaming Glasses. These glasses make the perfect gift for anyone who spends hours gaming or at a computer. Play smart and work smart with these versatile glasses designed to reduce eye strain with crystal clear lenses made of premium, impact-resistant MR-8 material. Additionally, the Blue-light filtering technology is integrated in the lenses with minimal color distortion and their anti-reflective coating repels water, oil, and dust. Most important, now you can look cool all while protecting your eyes from damaging blue lights. So grab a set for you and your gaming friend! Keep calm and game on.


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