Gift Guide: Doctor Who Edition

Know a Doctor Who fan aka Whovian that’s OBSESSED with the hit TV show? Well, this gift guide is for you! Take the fandom to the next level with these 20 gifts for anyone who loves the Doctor.



Doctor Who TARDIS Mug

17 ounces

Definitely not your average mug.

$17.39 from Amazon Price: $17.39 as of 11-16-2018 19:02 CST

Take this TARDIS mug to another time with the time machine and spacecraft. This is promised to be any Whovian’s favorite mug. With the square shape, it’s definitely not your average mug. But, it even comes with a removable lid, making it perfect for your tea and coffee. So what are you waiting for? Grab you favorite drink in your new TARDIS mug, and watch your favorite TV show!

Dalek Alarm Clock

Dalek Alarm Clock

with projector

Wake up with the Dalek every morning.

$29.99 from Amazon Price: $29.99 as of 11-16-2018 19:02 CST

Exterminate sleep and wake up with this Doctor Who Dalek alarm clock. Let the Doctor’s nemesis, The Dalek, wake you up by shouting “exterminate” at you to get you out of bed. Now that’s a wake up call. Additionally, it even projects the time onto the ceiling! How unique is that? This digital alarm clock makes a great addition to your collection or gift for any Doctor Who fan who also likes to be on time. So, not only are you giving them a great gift. You are also helping them make it to all of their episode-watching parties.

12th Doctor’s Premium Sonic Screwdriver

Doctor Who 12th Doctor's Premium Sonic Screwdriver

with touch controls

Be just like the Doctor himself.

$15.10 from Amazon Price: $15.10 as of 11-16-2018 19:02 CST

Calling all super fans! Get this Premium Sonic Screwdriver with touch controls. It’s functional and has lights and sounds from the hit show. Additionally, it’s even fully extendable! This upgraded design features a touch control to activate your sonic screwdriver light and sound in both open and closed positions. But, at the bottom of the sonic is a now removable Power Core never featured before, making this such a cool and unique gift!

Themed Socks

Doctor Who Socks

5 pairs

Have fun with your socks.

$13.96 from Amazon Price: $13.96 as of 11-16-2018 19:02 CST

Don’t dress like everyone else! Show off your individuality, personality, and love for Doctor Who with these fun, unique socks. Pair them together or mix and match these 5 different sock styles, featuring: TARDIS & Union Jack, “Bow Ties Are Cool,” TARDIS & Stripes, Dalek, & “I Love The Doctor”. Especially after a long day, these cool socks will make for a great evening catching up on all of your favorite episodes. These are a great conversation piece and are sure to start up some conversations about everyone’s favorite Time Lord.

Ornament Gift Set

Doctor Who Ornament Gift Set

Kurt Adler 4 Piece

Officially licensed Doctor Who ornament set for those obsessed with the show.

$20.77 from Amazon Price: $20.77 as of 11-16-2018 19:02 CST

This Doctor Who Mini Ornament Gift Set of 4 Pieces from Kurt Adler is a fun and festive addition to the holiday décor of any Whovian! Each ornament measures approximately 3.5 inches and is beautifully detailed. Figures included are: Dalek, Cyberman, Angel, and Adipose. These are sure to be a conversation piece and any Doctor Who lover’s favorite ornament this holiday season. But, not only is this great as a set. If you have multiple Whovians in your life, each one could make a great smaller gift.



Telephone Booth Book End Organizer

Telephone Booth Book End Organizer

Iron metal

Keep your books organized while also decorating.

$11.99 from Amazon Price: $11.99 as of 11-16-2018 19:02 CST

While it’s not exactly the TARDIS, these phone booth book end organizers still give us some serious Doctor Who vibes. These iron metal book end organizers not only keep your books tidy, but also nicely decorate your space. For one thing, they’re perfect for any Whovian’s office, desk, or book shelf! The book ends are available in blue, black, white, and pink. Certainly, these will make a unique gift any fan is sure to love.

13-Piece Coaster Set

Doctor Who Coaster Set


Always have the Doctor protecting your drink.

$19.17 from Amazon Price: $19.17 as of 11-16-2018 19:02 CST

Everyone will be fighting because of these coasters at your next gathering. These 12 wooden coasters features the twelve different doctors printed on them. They feature a corn back so you don’t have to worry about them sliding around. After all, these Doctors will keep your furniture dry by soaking up all the sweat off your glass. They even come in a collectable tin to keep them nice, handy, and organized.

Travels in Time Coloring Book

Travels in Time Coloring Book

Doctor Who

Color the Doctor's friends and foes.

$10.05 from Amazon Price: $10.05 as of 11-16-2018 19:02 CST

Experience the timey-wimey travels of the Doctor moment by moment with this historical coloring book because inside you’ll find the Doctor’s greatest friends and foes from throughout all of history, with original illustrations featuring Churchill, Shakespeare, Van Gogh, Dickens, Madame de Pompadour and many more. Color in kings and queens, Romans and Egyptians, Viking villages and erupting volcanoes… not forgetting the occasional dinosaur on a spaceship. All in all, this Doctor Who Travels in Time coloring book is a fantastic addition to any Whovian’s coloring collection.

TARDIS String Lights

Doctor Who TARDIS String Lights

9 ft

Make your room cozy with these Doctor friendly lights.

$29.95 from Amazon Price: $29.95 as of 11-16-2018 19:02 CST

Make your room comfy and cozy while you watch your favorite TV show with these TARDIS String Lights. These lights are 9 ft long and feature 10 TARDIS lights. This set is perfect for indoor or outdoor use and even come with 4 replacement bulbs. The highlight and shading detail is amazing for such a small box. But, don’t be fooled. Certainly, these string lights look just like the time-traveling box!

TARDIS and Dalek Salt and Pepper Shakers

Doctor Who Salt and Pepper Shakers

TARDIS & Dalek

Let Doctor Who take over your dinner table.

$19.95 from Amazon Price: $19.95 as of 11-16-2018 19:02 CST

Bring the love of Doctor Who everywhere you go, including the kitchen. An epic battle across space and time can now take place over your dinner table with this TARDIS vs Dalek salt and pepper shaker set! That is, let the TARDIS keep your salt safe while Dalek holds your pepper. These collectible ceramic shakers are certainly a must for all Whovian Chefs out there!



TARDIS Soy Candle

Doctor Who TARDIS Soy Candle

Beautiful 16 oz. TARDIS themed apothecary jar

A nod to the 10th Doctor's use of tea to rejuvenate.

$18.00 from Amazon Price: $18.00 as of 11-16-2018 19:02 CST

A candle that nods to the 10th Doctor’s use of tea to rejuvenate, this candle has 75 to 90 hours of burn time. This white tea and ginger candle would be great for any Whovian’s bathroom or bedroom. Even if you aren’t the ultimate Doctor Who fan, the blue color and great scent would complement any room. While you are giving this as a gift, they will appreciate the gift and the great smell.

TARDIS Wooden Jewelry Box

Doctor Who TARDIS Wooden Jewelry Box

Really is bigger on the inside!

Perfect for any Whovian, and is an excellent addition to any Dr. Who collection!

$34.99 from Amazon Price: $34.99 as of 11-16-2018 19:02 CST

Like the TARDIS from the hit show, this wooden jewelry box is actually bigger on the inside. First of all, with drawers that pull out and metal hooks that hold necklaces, the door opens to reveal a beautiful jewelry box. So, all in all, this would make a great birthday, anniversary, or holiday gift for the Whovian who is a lover of jewelry.

Doctor Who Hollow Book Safe

Doctor Who Real Hollow Book Safe

the age-old way to hide your stuff in plain sight

Made from a real leather-bound book.

$70.00 from Amazon Price: $70.00 as of 11-16-2018 19:02 CST

Does your Whovian have some items they need to store away? This hollow book safe is made from a real book and will fool anyone when it sits on a shelf. The book has a magnetic closure and comes with a “secret” key. Above all, this unique safe will look great on a shelf or even sitting on a desk and makes a great conversation piece.

TARDIS Throw Blanket

Doctor Who Throw Blanket - Exploding TARDIS

Inspired by Van Gogh's Pandorica Painting from the Show

Makes a Great Gift for any Dr Who Fan and Whovian!

$21.81 from Amazon Price: $21.81 as of 11-16-2018 19:02 CST

Now this TARDIS inspired throw is pretty cool! The throw is inspired by Van Gogh’s Pandorica Painting from the hit show. The soft and cozy fleece will keep you warm and it will definitely great in any living room or bedroom with its beautiful colors. Of course you can’t ride in the coolest time machine ever. But, you can give this throw as the best birthday or holiday gift ever. All in all, it is certainly a great gift.

Mad Libs Paperback

Doctor Who Mad Libs Paperback

Based on the long-running TV series Dr. Who!

Become the author of your own story!

$4.99 from Amazon Price: $4.99 as of 11-16-2018 19:02 CST

The classic word fill-in game is back. This time it’s Doctor Who themed! Your Whovian will be able to keep their mind active on a plane, on vacation, or maybe even in the bathroom. So, it’s great for any occasion in which you need to pass time. This book has 48 pages and 21 original stories. Not to mention you can have using your imagination and have fun creating cool stories. Certainly, this will make a great holiday travel gift.

Doctor Who: The Official Cookbook

Doctor Who: The Official Cookbook

Have your Doctor Who and eat it too

Imaginative recipes for the whole family, based on the wildly popular BBC series Doctor Who.

$13.59 from Amazon Price: $13.59 as of 11-16-2018 19:02 CST

Ever wanted to make some fish fingers and custard? Or maybe some Time Lord shaped cookies? This cookbook has themed recipes that would be perfect for the next Doctor Who viewing party or just a binge-watching session! Also, you will probably get some tasty treats out of giving this gift. So, it’s a win-win! Certainly, this is a great gift idea for around the holidays when parties and cooking are a regular occurrence.

18 Oz. Tritan Water Bottle

Doctor Who 18 Ounce Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Bottle

Calling all Whovians!

Keeps drinks hot or cold for 6 hours.

$15.85 from Amazon Price: $15.85 as of 11-16-2018 19:02 CST

While this water bottle is TARDIS themed, the insulation is no joke. For one thing, the wide mouth of the water bottle makes it easy to fill up this bottle and it can keep drinks hot or cold for up to six hours. Certainly, this would make a great gift for any fan who is always on the go and wants to keep hydrated. Then, they can talk about their favorite show with anyone who asks about the bottle!


Doctor Who TARDIS Ceramic Teapot

Beautifully crafted and detailed teapot

Bring a piece of this television favorite into the kitchen with the Doctor Who TARDIS Teapot.

$22.99 from Amazon Price: $22.99 as of 11-16-2018 19:02 CST

How cute is this TRADIS teapot? This item is a ceramic teapot that is beautifully crafted and great for any Whovian tea-lover. Or, it’s great for a hot cup of tea and a cozy night of watching episodes. It can hold up to three cups of liquid at a time and would look great as decoration or for actual serving use. Especially in the cold months, this teapot will be put to great use.

11″x14″ Print

TARDIS Doctor Who Quote Dr. Who time machine 11

Out of this world print

$25.00 from Amazon Price: $25.00 as of 11-16-2018 19:02 CST

Want to add a splash of color and a hint of time travel to your room? This 11″x14″ print is perfect for that. With a quote from the hit show and hints of color all over the canvas, this would make a subtle but beautiful statement to any bedroom, living room, or kitchen! Above all, this is a unique gift for any person who is a fan of the show. So, this beautiful print will make a great gift because you put thought into your Whovian’s favorite show.

Funko Pop Figurine

Funko POP Doctor Who: Tenth Doctor

distinctive look and feel of the longest-running sci-fi TV series in the world

Travel through time and space with this Dr. Who #10 Doctor POP vinyl figure!

$15.72 from Amazon Price: $15.72 as of 11-16-2018 19:02 CST

Looking for a collector’s item for the Whovian in your life? This cute replica of the 10th Doctor would make a great addition to any fan’s office desk or bookcase at home. Additionally, there are other figurines of characters from the show you can collect to add to any group of items themed from this hit show. In short, there is much room for growth with a collection of these cute figurines. So, give your Whovian a great start because these are too cool not to own.




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