Gift Guide: Batman Edition

Grab the Bat Mobile, get out of the Bat Cave, and start shopping! This list of gifts for Batman lovers is perfect for the super fan in your life. Bruce Wayne is totally the best, and so is this list! The Bat Signal is calling your name. You better hurry before the Dark Knight returns.


Batman Toaster

Batman Toaster

2 slice

Breakfast of heroes.

$19.99 from Amazon Price: $19.99 as of 12-16-2018 03:22 CST

This toaster will have you feeling like Bruce Wayne all day long! It leaves the iconic Batman logo imprint on every piece of toast. Additionally, it features wide slots with self-centering bread guides and high rise toast lift. It even has an adjustable browning control to make sure you get just the right amount of brown each time. Most important, the hinged crumb tray makes clean up that much easier. We mean, what Batman lover wouldn’t want this toast every day?


Digital Alarm Clock

Batman Alarm Clock

7.5 Inches Digital Quartz Light Up Alarm Clock

Let Bruce Wayne wake you up every morning!

$18.44 from Amazon Price: $18.44 as of 12-16-2018 03:22 CST

The bad guys in Gotham guys don’t stand a chance now that you and your new Batman clock are around! Use the light up functions and alarm settings to scare The Joker out of his hiding place and defeat him! Additionally, this Batman digital alarm clock features an easy to read LCD screen with a backlight will ensure you’re never late to fight off the bad guys! Most important, it has a snooze button. We certainly know that every superhero has to sleep in every now and then.

Phone Ring Holder

Batman Phone Ring Holder

360 rotation

Feel like a superhero every time you hold your phone.

$7.99 from Amazon Price: $7.99 as of 12-16-2018 03:22 CST

We are obsessed! This Batman ring phone holder looks so sleek and stylish on any phone. Because this set rotates 360 and swivels 180, it works both vertically and horizontally. Additionally, this phone ring holder feature adhesive by 3M that can be attached to any smartphone or tablet securely. Most important, this phone stand will help you prevent dropping your device and give you more control while you are operating your phone and taking picture. It’s available in black, red, and silver so there’s a color for everyone!


Batman Wall Light

Batman Wall Light

Color changing remote

Minimalist, modern style with a classic superhero flair.

$36.98 from Amazon Price: $36.98 as of 12-16-2018 03:22 CST

This is seriously a must have! The cool light emanating is in the shape of the famous Black Knight’s signal. Because it comes with a remote, you can change the color of the lighting in the click of a button! Additionally, its shape looks like a regular mirror when the lights aren’t on. It’s perfect for the minimalist, modern style with just a little superhero flair. This would certainly look great in any bedroom, living room, man cave, garage, or office!

Classic Logo String Lights

Batman String Lights

classic logo

Let the Batsignal light the way.

$19.25 from Amazon Price: $19.25 as of 12-16-2018 03:22 CST

This Batman light set by Kurt Adler is the perfect gift for any Batman fan – from early Batman comic fans to new film fans alike. Additionally, this string of lights features 10 of the classic yellow and black oval Bat Signal. This would certainly look great in any den, man cave, or office! It’s sure to be a conversation started with a fellow DC comic lover.



Batman Cape Socks

Batman Socks

With Cape

Why didn't we think of this sooner?

$8.00 from Amazon Price: $8.00 as of 12-16-2018 03:22 CST

We are obsessed with these cape socks! Why didn’t anyone tell us about this sooner?! These Batman cape crew socks are to die for. Any DC comic super fan would certainly love these socks. Most important, they’re one size fits most, so you don’t have to worry about choosing the wrong size for a gift. Additionally, they feature the classic Batman Bat Suit outfit, complete with the black and yellow logo, belt, and cape! The acrylic, polyester, spandex blend is sure to keep your feet cool and comfortable all day while you’re protecting Gotham.


Batman Canvas Shoes

Batman Canvas Shoes


Fight crime in style!

$48.96 from Amazon Price: $48.96 as of 12-16-2018 03:22 CST

These Batman shoes are totally a statement piece that we love! They’re perfect for every day wear, or special occasions. The vibrant colors ensure your alliance to the League can be seen from outer space. People will be in awe of your superhero style.  Additionally, the canvas lining and vulcanized rubber soles ensure that you can count on these shoes to get you through the most difficult battles. Most important, this is such a unique gift idea for the comic fan or superhero in your life. You’re sure to get the biggest smile ever. 

Batman Decanter and Rocks Glass Set

Decanter and Rocks Glass Set

Batman; 3 piece

Take the edge off, just like Bruce Wayne.

$59.99 from Amazon Price: $59.99 as of 12-16-2018 03:22 CST

First, this Batman engraved decanter and rocks glass set will have your inner Bruce Wayne coming out in no time. The decanter is perfect for storing and showing off your favorite whisky or wine. Additionally, it’s capable of holding 750 ml of the beverage of your choice. It comes with two rocks glasses that hold 10 ounces. The etched bat logo design is carved into the surface of the glass in frosted white, making the engraving truly permanent. This is a perfect gift for any Batman lover.


Bat Signal Projector

Bat Signal Projector

Batman Emblem

Be prepared for the call.

$25.18 from Amazon Price: $25.18 as of 12-16-2018 03:22 CST

In this dangerous world there isn’t anybody who wouldn’t benefit from their very own bat signal projection light! It looks great but whenever trouble is brewing this light can also be aimed into the night sky and criminals will be deterred. We can’t guarantee Batman will appear (he’s a busy man) but you never know, you never know! Additionally, this Bat Signal is perfect as a night light or desk top light. Most important, this unique piece of lighting will be loved by comic book lovers and superhero fans alike!

Batman Holiday Sweater

Batman Holiday Sweater

Bat Signal

Dress up as Bruce Wayne at your next holiday party.

$39.99 from Amazon Price: $39.99 as of 12-16-2018 03:22 CST

There’s one symbol that strikes fear into the hearts of any criminal in Gotham… the Bat Signal! When Commissioner Gordon lights up the night sky with that heroic symbol, every Super-Villain knows that the Batman is on the way. Now, with this light-up Batman sweater, you can bring that symbolic tone to your winter wear! This men’s sweater comes with the cityscape of Gotham City designed into the front, along with a large Bat Signal design on the chest. Additionally, the lights surrounding the Bat Signal give this sweater a bright look. So it’s perfect for shining a little light into your winter wardrobe. Most important, it’s available in every size from extra small to XXXL.




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