Check out this list of gift ideas for fans of The CW’s hit show Riverdale!

Based on the famous Archie Comics, Riverdale takes a modern twist on a memorable classic. With some new and returning actors on the screen, this show has become a hit on The CW television network. If you’ve got a fan of the show in your life (or if you are looking for ideas to hint at), take a look at this list of gift ideas for Riverdale fans.


Southside Serpents Pullover Hooded Sweatshirt

Southside Serpents Pullover Hooded Sweatshirt

comfortable to sport

Pullover hooded sweatshirt casual warm hoodies for men, women

$19.98 from Amazon Price: $19.98 as of 12-17-2018 20:47 CST

This show wouldn’t be where is it without the Southside Serpents. Whether you are with or against them, this hoodie with the infamous logo will look great on anyone. Make sure your fan is comfy and warm in this hoodie during the warm months. They will love to curl up on the couch to watch their favorite show in this apparel. Not to mention, it would even make for a great costume piece if you need an idea for a Halloween or costume party. Overall, this hoodie would make even a Southside Serpent smile.

I’d Rather Be Watching Riverdale Pillow Case

I'd Rather Be Watching Riverdale Decorative Square Cushion Pillowcase

individually cut and sewn by hand

Great gift for each holiday, matches with any color bed, couch, sofa, car, or chair.

$19.95 from Amazon Price: $19.95 as of 12-17-2018 20:47 CST

For fans of the show, this statement is so true. With a simple design like the one on this pillow case, it will complement any couch or bedroom because of its neutral colors. Additionally, these cases are made to order and printed in the USA. Certainly, your fan will love you taking the time to find something that interests them. So, don’t take it personally when they agree that they would rather be watching their favorite show. They just can’t help it.

Monopoly Board Game

Monopoly Riverdale Board Game

allows players to experience the show for themselves

Buy and sell mansions across the city to fuel your inner Hiram Lodge.

$32.30 from Amazon Price: $32.30 as of 12-17-2018 20:47 CST

This classic game just took a turn. Players can experience the twists and turns of the show through the infamous Monopoly game. You will be buying and selling mansions in this game. Don’t be surprised if some of the players turn into a Hiram Lodge because this game brings out everyone’s true colors. Additionally, you can move around the board with pieces like Archie’s guitar, Veronica’s pearls, and more. So, this makes for a great game to play when you and your friends gather to watch and talk about the hit show.

Jughead Jones Cosplay Beanie

Jughead Cosplay Beanie

Great for cosplay or everyday wear.

This mottled grey beanie looks just like Jughead Jones's signature chapeau, down to the crown like detailing and buttons.

$24.99 from Amazon Price: $24.99 as of 12-17-2018 20:47 CST

One of the most distinctive clothing choices by the characters of the show is Jughead’s beanie. Brought to the show from the comics, this hat is a definitive mark of Jughead. It’s what makes Jughead, well, Jughead. Now, you can wear his favorite hat too. This beanie is one size fits most and would make a great cosplay or costume piece in a Jughead themed outfit. Additionally, this would make a great gift for any Jughead fans.

Logo Phone Case

Riverdale Logo Phone Case

Extremely durable, shatterproof casing with super-bright colors embedded directly into the case

Slim fitting one-piece clip-on phone case available in a range of phone models.

$13.10 from Amazon Price: $13.10 as of 12-17-2018 20:47 CST

Every fan of Riverdale would love this simple and sleek phone case with the show’s logo across the back. The case itself is extremely durable and has super bright colors embedded directly into the case. Not to mention, this case fits a variety of phones. So, you can find the perfect fit for your fan’s phone. All in all, this would make for a great stocking stuffer or birthday gift for fans of the show.




River Vixens Cheer Eye Shadow Palette

River Vixens Cheer Eyeshadow Palette

Officially Licensed

Your favorite characters, quotes and places are represented in the 9 matte and shimmer shades.

$28.95 from Amazon Price: $28.95 as of 12-17-2018 20:47 CST

Give the River Vixen in your life the eye shadow palette of their dreams. Each of the colors has unique name related to the show. You’ll get “Dark Betty,” “I’m A Weirdo,” “Ginger Stallion,” “Chock’lit Shoppe” and more. Additionally, this set includes a brush and mirror. Not to mention, it has Riverdale cheer-themed casing with a chenille R patch and poof balls. So, this makes for a fun gift for anyone who’s a fan of the best cheer team in town.

Funko POP Dream Sequence Set of 5

Funko Pop! TV: Riverdale (Dream Sequence) Set of 5

Each figure measures approximately 3.75

Take a trip back to Jughead’s dream sequence with the newest series of Riverdale Pop!

$49.99 from Amazon Price: $49.99 as of 12-17-2018 20:47 CST

This is ultimate Funko POP set for Riverdale fans. From Jughead’s dream in season one, these cute figurines are inspired by the vintage outfits worn by the characters in the episode. In addition, Reggie Mantle is shown in his Riverdale High School football uniform joins the series. Not to mention, this set comes with five figurines to make a whole set for you to collect. All in all, this makes a great gift for a fan with a book shelf, desk, or to decorate any room.

Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe Cushion Pillowcase

Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe 24h - Riverdale Inspired Decorative Square Cushion Pillowcase

All covers are made to order and are printed in the USA

Great gift for each holiday, matches with any color bed, couch, sofa, car, or chair.

$19.95 from Amazon Price: $19.95 as of 12-17-2018 20:47 CST

Everyone loves Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe! With tasty milkshakes and burgers, we dream about visiting the town’s best restaurants. With this cushion pillowcase, you can have a little piece of Pop’s in your home. Overall, this would make a great gift to decorate any couch or bed. All in all, we just want a burger from this eatery. But, the next best thing is this pillowcase.

“You’re The Veronica To My Betty” Mug

You're The Veronica To My Betty - Mug 15 oz.

Thoughtfully designed, handcrafted, and can be personalized!

A great gift for the Veronica in your life. She classy, sassy, and one step ahead of everyone.

$22.99 from Amazon Price: $22.99 as of 12-17-2018 20:47 CST

Got a bestie you want to recognize? This mug will certainly put a smile on her face. Inspired by two gals who love to scheme but would also do anything for each other, you can tell your best friend how much they mean to you. If your friend is classy, sassy, and one step ahead of everyone, this is the mug for her. She can curl up on the couch with her favorite hot drink and watch her favorite show. Overall, this makes for a fun and meaningful gift.

Archie River Vixens Men’s Crew Socks, 2 Pair

Archie River Vixens Men's Crew Socks 2 Pair Pack

Comfortable and stylish

Officially Licensed Riverdale Socks

$9.99 from Amazon Price: $9.99 as of 12-17-2018 20:47 CST

The Riverdale fan in your life will love this set of crew socks. Inspired by the show, they can look like an official Bulldog with these fun and colorful socks. Additionally, they can wear them around the house or while out and about. These socks will fit comfy and cozy. All you have to do is give them and wait for the best gift reaction ever.



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