Some reading suggestions for YA genre lovers.

As people we oftentimes look to stories to add a bit of excitement to our own lackluster lives. There are several mediums through which story can be told. However, none are more immersive or engaging than through a book. Books open our minds in ways film can’t, as we must use our imaginations to produce the images in our head instead of being shown through way of the screen. As readers, we love to share a great book with a friend and we sit in anxious anticipation, hoping their experience will mimic our own. We love to discuss the chapters in detail and make our predictions and laugh at ourselves as those predictions are derailed with a good twist. More than anything, we love to get those around us to start their journey of reading as well.


Reading can seem a bit intimidating to those jumping back into it or to those just starting out. Don’t forget to know who your audience is before purchasing a book. The recommendations below will certainly be familiar to a lot of you, but it doesn’t hurt to jog your memory and maybe give you an idea of what to buy that friend of yours who is constantly annoyed with you for never shutting up about a great new book you’ve found.


YA Gold

Young Adult fiction is certainly one of the most popular genres currently making the rounds in the eyes of readers. Maybe its popular because it mimics our own lives in some ways. It’s easy to relate to, the characters are who we wish we were in high school and even as we grow older, we still find ourselves perusing the YA section of our favorite bookstore. While there are thousands of YA books to choose from, and it seems unfair to only share one or two recommendations, there is one book in particular that has stuck with me more than any other.

Looking for Alaska

It’s safe to say that even though John Green has written only 4 books, with a 5th one right around the corner, he has earned his place among the greats in that YA category. ‘Looking for Alaska’ was his first book and also, in my humble non professional opinion, his best. It is young adult through and through. It’s kids who smoke cigarettes in the shower and hide their vodka in jugs of milk. It’s nick names and pranks and awkward sexual encounters. The book doesn’t hide from what it is. It captures the lives of a few teenagers in a way that makes us look at our own lives, and the ones that share this life with us, differently.

Author John Green

John Green is a master of taking the ordinary and the mundane and turning those moments into ones of beauty and importance. ‘Looking for Alaska’ is tragic and beautiful, awkward and inspiring and everything we want in a YA book. For those of you who haven’t, just give it a go. For those of you who have, go buy another copy and the next time you see your friend, throw it directly into their face because the book really is worth the time and possibly even a black eye.


Additional Bangers (spanning all genres)

‘We Were Liars’ by E. Lockhart, for those looking to have their heart ripped out and never properly recover

‘Summer of Night’ by Dan Simmons, for those who are looking for a sense of nostalgia while also running from big red trucks

‘The Night Circus’ by Erin Morgenstern, romance hidden behind two rivaling stage magicians

‘The Name of The Wind’ by Patrick Rothfuss, for those who have too much time on their hands

‘Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell’ by Susanna Clarke, see above description

‘My Best Friends Exorcism’ by Grady Hendrix, the cover art alone should make you want to read this book




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