Letters from loved ones are some of the most priceless gifts.

I took a moment the other day and asked myself, “What’s your favorite type of gift to receive?” It took all of about two seconds of pondering to answer my own question. My answer, letters from a loved one. The fact that I love receiving letters may stem from the fact that I love writing them. Writing letters isn’t something I do only after receiving graduation money and some generous person is deserving of a thank you note.


It’s something I do in my free time as well. I’ll write a letter to someone from my past and then save it on my computer, knowing that I will never send it to them but I do it because it feels good to say the things you never got to say in person. It’s just something I do. Though, what I love more than tucking them away is when I get to give them to someone I care about. It always feels good to give someone a gift and watch as a tear comes to their eye because you know your gift was special to them. I guarantee that there have been no more tears shed over any gift ever given, or received, than over that of a letter.


When it comes to writing letters, there are no pros and cons. Really, there are only pros. It is one of the special things about writing. When you write from the heart, it comes through on the paper in ways that might not shine through a gift you bought online. Words, in some ways, are the most powerful tools we have as humans. We can use that tool to tell someone thank you. Or how much we love them. Or how special a particular person is to us. There are plenty of reasons you could write to someone, but it doesn’t have to be a special occasion to grab your computer or pen. Sometimes even, when it’s not a special occasion at all, those are some of the most special times to start writing.


There’s something great about writing in the fact that we can all do it. Here, there is no money involved. There are no age restrictions. It is a universal concept that is so simple at its core. But can be used to convey the deepest thoughts in our brains and most powerful emotions in our hearts. Your skill as a writer should never dissuade you from writing to a friend, or parent, or even a teacher. Whoever receives it will most certainly look past silly grammar mistakes and misspelled words. Because that’s not what they are looking for. They will see your heart through your words. They will see you through what you have written. I’m confident in my assumption that if you ask any parent if they care that their child spelled it ‘I luv yu,’ they will only smile and shake their head.


If you are the type that stresses out over what gift to buy that special person in your life, just take a step back. Instead of worrying about what you should buy them. First, think about why you are buying them something in the first place. Gather all the emotion you wish you to convey through a gift and express this on a sheet of paper.  Some might call it cheap, but life isn’t about how much money you spend. It’s about the relationships you build and the reasons why you wish to spend the money. It’s the reason, and intention, that matters underneath it all. So, try it out for yourself. Just be sure to have the box of tissues ready when you do.



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