The proper way to approach a tool and gadget party!

As it is officially in the heat of the wedding season, and with me being a 21-year-old guy with seemingly all of my friends getting married, I’m now living the nightmare of buying wedding gifts. More specifically, gifts for what is known as the ‘tool and gadget party,’ which is a bridal shower for the men. It’s pretty self-explanatory seeing as the name is ‘tool and gadget party.’ Either buy your friend a) a tool, or b) a gadget. Simple. And if we’re basing this on stereotypes, guys aren’t supposed to be picky about things like this anyway. Bring them a roll of duct tape, and a pair of pliers and they should be happy. That’s how my friends are at least.

But this isn’t just about the gifts. This is an event. Here I will try to assist you in not only what you should buy, but also what you should wear and how you should approach the idea of the ‘tool and gadget party’ altogether to make yet another memory for you and your best friends to share.

Step 1: the gift

This part of the process can be approached in two ways. The first way is to head out to Lowes and purchase a Dewalt circle saw, throwing it in a large gift bag, writing ‘Here’s to a great marriage’ on the side and calling it a day. If you choose to take this route, and an excellent path it is, you will be applauded for your efforts. You can walk away feeling that you did a good thing for somebody you care about, and the groom will give you a firm handshake at the end of the night. The two of you will discuss the treehouse he is going to build 5 years down the line using the very saw you have just delivered. Good day’s work, definitely.

The Second Option

Then there’s the second option, the one I most prefer, which is the funny choice. Maybe it’s because I, like many others, find that getting a laugh from the crowd is far more rewarding than a formal handshake. And trust me, the groom will appreciate your attempt at humor just as much as he appreciates the hammers and the wrenches. From personal experience, I’ve seen that sometimes the most useless gifts are the ones that get remembered at the end of the night. If it’s funny enough, that is.

So, ditch the gift cards and extension cords and try something like this instead. Take some amateur photos of yourself, preferably wearing something obscene or possibly sporting a caterpillar mustache. Then stick said photographs in a cheap picture frame and wrap it twice over with two layers of duct tape. Now watching from the corner of the room as the groom struggles to open your gift while knowing this gift is one that will be hung inside the mythical man cave. The one that the groom will have a laugh at instead of awkwardly saying thank you for the hundredth time in a row. The one that at the end of the night people will be talking about.


Picture frame

^ Looks great above any toilet in your house

To be honest, I stole the picture idea from a friend so the credit can’t go to me. I can say that this picture was the groom’s absolute favorite gift of the night. So you should give it a try. Or think of something better and then go write about it on the internet somewhere and talk about how dumb the picture idea was. The choice is yours.

Step 2: the attire

I guess this should have been step one, huh? You don’t want to be worrying about what to wear to an event after you’ve already shown up. But, here we are. Now I will just say upfront that if you’re not showing up to a tool and gadget party in a three piece suit and topping it off with a nice pair of camouflage crocs, you’re doing it wrong. This is not to say that every person should show up looking like its tacky day back in high school. But you’re the one reading this blog about approaching a tool and gadget party properly. Let’s be honest, if you’ve read this far, you’re probably willing to give it at least a go.


Basically what I’m saying here is, buy yourself a pair of crazy crocs. Or just pull them out of your closet. You shouldn’t wear them out in public because that’s borderline criminal. But there are appropriate times to pull them out of the back of the closet. This is only one option, though. I’m sure you all have something equally as heinous to throw on. But just make sure not to tell anyone you’re showing up like this. It’s only funny if one or maybe a few people do it. Otherwise, it could just get awkward. Then again, awkward is funny in its own way soooo…

Step 3: the gift pt. 2

Here’s a link to some duct tape.



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