A priceless gift.

Her grandmother’s ring: sometimes, the best gifts are the ones that are priceless. Whether they are homemade or a vintage heirloom passed on from generations, these items hold a special place in our hearts.

What is your favorite gift?

< …desktop phone rings… >

Do you need to take that?

No, it’s OK. It’s my mom. I’ll call her back.

The gift could be anything – Christmas, a birthday, Valentine’s Day…

< … mobile phone rings… > 

There she is again!

Wow, you must be very close with her?

Yes, she lives in Athens.

…<thinks for a moment>…


Actually — something that is really special to me – my grandmother, Ruby, gave me this ring <touching it on her right hand> years ago back in the late 70’s. She said it was her mother’s ring, who died when she was born. Her mother’s name was also Ruby. She never knew her mom, but she had her wedding ring.  It was missing its diamond from the setting.  I kept it, and in 1982 when i joined the Active Army, I put it in a little bag and gave it to my mom for safekeeping. She put it in her jewelry box on her dresser. My mom’s name is Ruby.


Well, when I got back home, three years later, it was gone. Somebody had taken it. It turns out it was my younger sister. Mom said, “I don’t remember anything about it”. I was hurt.


Years later, Mom gave me her wedding ring <touching it on her left hand>  which was given to her by her mother. She told me that my Grandmother had removed a diamond from an old ring and set it in the band.


Then, a few years ago, my sister gave me grandmother’s ring back. She put a new diamond where it had been missing one, and presented it to me in a little box.  She said that it needed to stay with the Ruby’s. My name is Ruby, too.






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