A story of the average Joe’s “ah-ha” moment.

There I was, a Dad with five kids, 4 of them were daughters.  Head down at work, and I lost track of time and the date.


The thing is, I was running between meetings all day, typical work day, which made the reminder I had put on my calendar easy to ignore or put off.  Jessica’s birthday is tomorrow, check, I got it. Next meeting…

“Sooooo what had happened was,” a couple of nights later I’m working late and realized that my daughter’s birthday was the day before.  Okay everyone forgets important things occasionally, right? The problem this time is I had forgotten her birthday the year before as well!  Yes, this is a true story. I know, I know, father of the year award, again. How is it someone can forget their oldest daughter’s birthday two years in a row, you are an idiot?


It was at that moment; the lightning bolt hits me, figuratively speaking.

There should be something out there that helps other forgetful people like me that love and adore their family, but fall short on organizational skills and need help when it comes to giving great gifts. I started asking coworkers at the office, and apparently, I wasn’t the only one that had run into a similar issue before!


Instantly it became crystal clear to me that all I needed was a personal assistant.  Someone or something that can help us forgetful, busy people and us procrastinators, yes I do that too, with remembering essential events?   While I’m at it, how do I find great gifts? How do I know what my family and close friends want for their birthdays and Christmas? With help, I could become the gift giver I needed to be.  I just needed an assistant that would set not one reminder, but several starting like a month out, then quickly make a gift selection for things they actually wanted. Now if I can do this fast, saving me time, ensuring I don’t forget and not be painful to use, that would take a lot of stress off my life and no more disappointments.


Leveraging my engineering background and the help of others with similar needs, we set out to create that personal assistant we all need.  After the design was complete, we got the funding to proceed with development. It turns out I’m not a unicorn; there are lots of folks that need help like me.  

So, we put a top-shelf team together and got started developing.  Now, what do we call this thing? As a boy, I worked for my grandfather one summer as he remodeled his house.  He nicknamed me Gofer because my job was to Gofer this and Gofer that. I was his assistant and ran around like a chicken with its head chopped off; yes I am from the country, and we say stuff like that for real. We dub thee, GoferGift! You shall be free for the people to use and you shall make their lives better, saving them time, and money, finding great gifts and help them to become organized and the best gift givers ever!


After a few months of development, we sent GoferGift out to friends and family for feedback.  They all loved it! Today we have thousands of users, and the product gets better every three weeks, that’s our development cycle.  

And that’s why I’m so excited to share this with you so you can get these types of results too!


With GoferGift, you can make your own wish list and add these items along with thousands of other options to let everyone know what you’ve got your eye on for those special occasions. This takes the ‘OH CRAP’ out of gift giving. You can even add reminders for upcoming occasions. We also fully support treating yourself here at GoferGift. So what are you waiting for? Click here to make a wish list today!


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