GoferGift is now working with Walmart!

GoferGift is now part of the Walmart Affiliate Program. Why Walmart and not Amazon as our first anchor store? Good question. Did you know Walmart.com now offers lower prices, on average, than Amazon for TVs, toys & games, wearables, headphones, and sports & outdoors?

The company also purchased Jet.com for $3.3 billion back in 2016 as part of its plan to dominate the e-commerce industry.

Walmart is using its unmatched brick-and-mortar network to offer lower prices online. They offer pickup discounts to save on last-mile delivery costs and has been handing those savings down to consumers in the form of great discounts.

This initiative has the potential to lower prices on Walmart.com in a way that Amazon can’t replicate since it doesn’t have a comparable network of physical locations. The company is also investing in pickup technology, via its Pickup Towers, to make the experience even more positive for consumers. With their buy online pickup in-store (BOPIS) transactions, helping Walmart’s online pricing efforts and you never have to fear someone stealing your package from your front porch.





With GoferGift, you can make your own wish list and add these items along with thousands of other options to let everyone know what you’ve got your eye on for those special occasions. This takes the ‘OH CRAP’ out of gift giving. You can even add reminders for upcoming occasions. We also fully support treating yourself here at GoferGift. So what are you waiting for? Click here to make a wish list today!



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