Take a look at these birthday gifts for her!

Here at Gofer Gift, we love birthdays. Another year means more opportunity, more laughs, and more time with the people you love. Looking for birthday gifts for her? Check out this list of sentimental gift ideas and some gifts you can purchase.

Personalized Frame with Heartfelt Letter

Personalized gifts are always such a great option when it comes to gift giving. If you are the crafty type of person, or you want to try something new, we’ve got a few ideas to get you started. One idea is so simple and heartfelt that anyone can do it, even on a budget. This idea requires a photo frame. You can choose the size of the frame, but make sure you can fit you note comfortably inside. Next, write what you want the birthday girl to know on her special day. You can make this as silly and fun or as sentimental as you would like. Then, place the letter into the frame. If you purchase a frame that is already decorated, you can add her favorite candy or lotion to the mix and make it an awesome birthday set.

However, if you choose to buy a plain frame, you can decorate the frame according to your relationship to the birthday girl. When purchasing your frame, you want to look for one with large sides that are easy to decorate, such as this solid wood frame from Amazon:

RPJC 4x6 Picture Frames Made of Solid Wood

solid wood

Simple classic design with amazing durability.

$8.99 from Amazon

Amazon.com Price: $8.99 as of 04-12-2019 16:50 CST

Craft stores have tons of stickers and scrapbook pieces for you to design the frame just how you want it. Of course, you could also leave it plain for a simple style. This DIY gift idea truly has many options when it comes to making it personal for your birthday girl. You could also add a picture to the frame for an even more personal touch. Whether you’ve been best friends for year or you want to show her how much you love her, she will love hanging or placing this frame in a place where she can see it every day.

Make Your Own Tea / Coffee Box

Our next thoughtful DIY birthday gift idea for her is something unique she will love using everyday. This idea is even simpler than the last one. All you have to do is find a box you want to give to the birthday girl. While there are so many options when it comes to gift boxes, it really depends on the personality of the person who is receiving the box. We found this one on Amazon:

Hallmark Large Gift Box with Fill (Blue)

blue ribbon ties adorns the front

Large gift box measures 7.25 inches wide by 5 inches tall by 7.2 inches deep.

$6.99 from Amazon

Amazon.com Price: $6.99 as of 04-12-2019 16:50 CST

Once you find the perfect box and filling, you need to find her favorite tea or coffee packets to fill the box. Of course, this is not limited to tea and coffee. You could fill this with candy, makeup, socks or whatever else the birthday girl would like. For these purposes, we found a nice assortment of tea and coffee that would look great:

Taylors of Harrogate Classic Tea Variety Gift Box

48 Tea Bags

Variety packs include six tea bags of each variety.

$10.92 from Amazon

Amazon.com Price: $10.92 as of 04-12-2019 16:50 CST

You can mix and match and find what looks great in the box. Finally, add a heartfelt card and you’ve got yourself a great gift. We love this idea because it is open to whatever you want to put in the box and you can personalize it as much as you want.

DIY Date Night Jar

Another simple and effective gift for her birthday is a DIY Popsicle Stick Date Night Jar. Not only will this be an amazing gift for her, it will be great for both parties and deciding where to eat. To make this simple gift, a small mason jar and a bag of Popsicle sticks will do the trick. After gathering these materials, all you have to do is write her favorite restaurants or dishes on each of the sticks and the hassle of deciding where to eat goes away. This way, the jar serves as a unique decision maker for date night. On the flip side of the Popsicle stick, you could write how inside jokes or how much she means to you, etc. Additionally, painting the Popsicle sticks before writing the restaurants or dishes will make the gift more colorful. We’ve found a great start to this gift right here:

Ball Regular Mouth Pint 16-oz Mason Jar

Made in the USA

Dishwasher safe and reusable.

$5.13 from Amazon

Amazon.com Price: $5.13 as of 04-12-2019 16:50 CST

You could also find other items to dress up the jar such as ribbon or stickers. All in all, there are so many possibilities when it comes to this gift.

Handwritten Card

These days it is easy to get caught up in the offerings of technology. However, we think an old-fashioned handwritten card would make a great addition to any gift. Also, it means so much more when you put time and thought into a message on a birthday card. If you enjoy getting creative and decorating your card, there are plenty of YouTube videos that can teach you how to get started with lettering or simple designs. Overall, she will love that you took the time to give her a unique handwritten card and likely keep it for a very long time. We found a paper card to get you started:

20 Blank Cards and Envelopes


Made with a premium white textured card stock.

$17.97 from Amazon

Amazon.com Price: $17.97 as of 04-12-2019 16:50 CST

DIY Explosion Gift Box

This fun idea comes from Amazon but includes a fun DIY element. The box comes with the pieces needed to wow her. All you have to do is fill in the spaces inside the box. Now, this is where the personalization comes in as you fill the box with pictures and other well-wishes. This set comes with instructions on how to assemble and makes for a unique great birthday gift idea. Here is the full set:

DIY Creative Explosion Gift Box Kit

Sophisticated and classy

This explosion box lets your special someone know how much you care.

$9.99 from Amazon

Amazon.com Price: $9.99 as of 04-12-2019 16:50 CST

If you are looking for gifts to purchase, here are a couple that would be awesome for the birthday girl!

Bath Bombs Gift Set

Bath Bombs Gift Set

Functional and relaxing

12 uniquely handcrafted bath bombs.

$26.80 from Amazon

Amazon.com Price: $26.80 as of 04-12-2019 16:50 CST

This set is a Best-Seller on Amazon and is sure to wow the birthday girl. With over ten bath fizzies to choose from, she will love having this set to choose from and use when she takes baths. Overall, this is a great birthday gift idea, especially with the brightly colored bath fizzies.

Dainty Single Pearl Necklace

BENIQUE Dainty Necklace Choker


Timeless, delicate and versatile

$16.99 from Amazon

Amazon.com Price: $16.99 as of 04-12-2019 16:50 CST

You can’t go wrong with a simple and beautiful necklace like this one. This piece of jewelry will stand out from other pieces with its unique style and understated beauty. Additionally, this piece is made from reliable materials.

With GoferGift, you can make your own wish list and add these items along with thousands of other options to let everyone know what you’ve got your eye on for those special occasions. This takes the ‘OH CRAP’ out of gift giving. You can even add reminders for upcoming occasions. We also fully support treating yourself here at GoferGift. So what are you waiting for? Click here to make a wish list today!


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