Take a look at these Father’s Day gifts for grandpa!

We can’t forget about grandpa on Father’s Day! If you are wanting some new ideas for gifts for grandpa, check out these gift ideas to get you started. Let’s get started!

“Great Dads Get Promoted to Grandpa” Mug

Fathers Day Gifts Funny Grandpa Coffee Mug

Great mug gift for grandpa and grandfather

Let grandpa show off in a cute and fun way with this cute mug.

$9.99 from Amazon

Amazon.com Price: $9.99 as of 05-31-2019 03:31 CST

Let your grandpa know what you really think of him with this cute mug. This piece is dishwasher and microwave safe. This is the perfect way for him to wake up in the morning with his favorite coffee or breakfast drink. Additionally, giving this mug would be an amazing way to let someone know he is becoming a grandpa. All in all, this mug is so cute and fun for grandpa.

“What I Love About Grandpa” Fill-in-the-blank Book

Knock Knock What I Love about Grandpa Fill in the Love Book Fill-in-the-Blank Gift Journal

A gift he'll love

This little book contains fill-in-the-blank lines to describe why your grandpops is tops.

$9.99 from Amazon

Amazon.com Price: $9.99 as of 05-31-2019 03:31 CST

This book is so easily personalized for your grandpa because you can fill in the blanks with your own answers. The book has 112 pages for him to flip through and smile at the answers from his grandchildren or children. This is the easiest way to say, “Love you forever.” The best part is you can make this book as humorous or heartfelt as you would like. Overall, this is such a fun and interactive gift for you and grandpa.

“Papa I Love You to the Moon and Back” Picture Frame

Papa I love you to the moon and back - 4x6 Inch Wood Picture Frame


Design will never fade or fall off.

$19.95 from Amazon

Amazon.com Price: $19.95 as of 05-31-2019 03:31 CST

There is nothing more special sharing the memories of your family with pictures. This sweet photo frame will hold your favorite memories on his desk or on his dresser. It’s a great gift for any occasion, but especially for Father’s Day. Additionally, the frame has a folding easel on the back and hangers to hang the frame on the wall. Not to mention, the design is laser engraved into the wood surface surface. The design will never fade or fall off like printed products.

“World’s Best Grandpa” Grilling Spatula

Universal #1 Grandpa Classic Series Sportula Stainless Steel Grilling Spatula

Unique Laser-cut design

Hard maple handle with durable brass rivets.

$18.24 from Amazon

Amazon.com Price: $18.24 as of 05-31-2019 03:31 CST

If you’ve got a grandpa who loves to grill, this might be the perfect gift for him. With the words, “#1 Grandpa” cut out in the metal and engraved “World’s Best Grandpa” on the handle of this grilling spatula, he will feel so special to receive such a personal grilling tool. Additionally, the end of the handle  can act as a convenient bottle opener. So, this multi-functional spatula will be great for causal cookouts and entertaining events.

Six Pack Greeting Card Box for Father’s Day

Six Pack Greeting Card Box (Set of 4)

Write a special note on the inside

Great Fathers Day Gifts from Son or for Grandpa!

$15.95 from Amazon

Amazon.com Price: $15.95 as of 05-31-2019 03:31 CST

With this gift, you can give him his favorite drink and add a Father’s Day touch. This is a fun and easy way to bring drinks to any Father’s Day celebration or gathering at grandpa’s house. Additionally, you can write a personal note on the inside for him to read. This is definitely a unique and easily personalized gift idea for any grandpa on Father’s Day.

Engraved Hammer – “World’s Best Grandpa Since…”

Personalized Dad Gifts - Engraved Hammer

non-traditional and manly personalized gift

Every time they reach for a trusty hammer, they will be reminded of your faithfulness and love.

$20.99 from Amazon

Amazon.com Price: $20.99 as of 05-31-2019 03:31 CST

There are a lot of grandpas out there who love building and working with their hands. This personalized hammer would be a great gift for grandpas who love building and working with wood or other materials. There are different options for what the engraving says, but this hammer reads, “World’s Best Grandpa Since 2012.” Of course, you can change this to be personal to your grandpa.

Fire Pit Set, Wood Burning Pit

Pure Garden Fire Pit Set, Wood Burning Pit


This Outdoor Fire Pit is an ideal blend of contemporary modern design and natural elements.

$109.43 from Amazon

Amazon.com Price: $109.43 as of 05-31-2019 03:31 CST

This gift idea is great for anyone who loves to spend time outdoors at night. However, your grandpa will love this high quality fire pit he can create a fire and sit by at night. Additionally, the sturdy steel construction designed for easy assembly. Not to mention, there is a spark screen and fire poker included. The round nature of the fire pit allows for 360 degree of the fire. This gift is something the whole family can enjoy while watching the fire and roasting marshmellows.

Men’s Luxury Socks

Socks n Socks-Mens 5pair Luxury Colorful Cotton Fun Novelty Dress Socks Gift Box


Make a statement and put your best foot forward!

$24.99 from Amazon

Amazon.com Price: $24.99 as of 05-31-2019 03:31 CST

You can’t ever have enough stylish pairs of socks. These hip socks would make a great gift for grandpa on Father’s Day. This set comes with five pairs of socks that he can mix and match with different outfits to give a flair of personal style. Everyone will love seeing the colorful designed on the socks and he will love showing them off. Additionally, there are several different color options for you to choose from and make sure they match grandpa’s style. All in all, this is a great gift idea.

Walnut Wood Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Rerii Handmade Walnut Wood Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Unique design

The whole body of this portable bluetooth speaker is beautifully finished and crafted by natural walnut wood.

$49.98 from Amazon

Amazon.com Price: $49.98 as of 05-31-2019 03:31 CST

The unique design of this speaker gives it a classic look. This wooden bluetooth speaker is made of 100% natural walnut and hand crafted. It has a more traditional aesthetic than other traditional metal or plastic speakers. Many people might not know it’s actually a Bluetooth speaker with FM/AM Radio. This is such a unique gift idea grandpa can play his favorite music from his phone and also listen to the current radio. Additionally, the speaker has 15 hours of battery life on a single charge.

“The Man, The Myth, The Legend – Grandpa” Tumbler

Personalized Powder Coated Tumbler. Engraved Grandpa The Legend

Dependable and Durable

Great for gifting!

$35.00 from Amazon

Amazon.com Price: $35.00 as of 05-31-2019 03:31 CST

This tumbler is perfect for gift giving and will definitely make grandpa smile. He will be able to take his favorite drinks on the go or around the house in this fun and funtional stainless steel tumbler. Additionally, this item will keep his drinks at the perfect temperature for a while. All in all, this is a great gift idea for grandpa on Father’s Day.

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