Take a break and look at these gift suggestions for fans of the hit show Friends!

“WE WERE ON A BREAK!” – Ross Geller

“So it seems like this internet thing is here to stay.” – Chandler Bing

“How you doin’?” – Joey Tribbiani

From Joey’s pick-up lines to Chandler’s great one-liners, the show gave us a few iconic quotes and so many memories. Who doesn’t remember the Rachel and Ross roller coaster relationship? Or the one where Joey got a turkey stuck on his head? Well, we’ve got some items that would make great gifts for anyone who is a fan of this hit show. Take a look at these items so you can get ready for the Holiday Armadillo to come visit your home this season.

Personalized Mug

Personalized Friends Mug

Coffee Mug - Quote Inspired By Friends

A customized mug makes all the difference.

$15.99 from Amazon

Amazon.com Price: $15.99 as of 11-18-2018 20:43 CST

What’s better than a personalized gift? Let your friend know just how much you care with this mug. It has a quote from the show’s famous theme song and you can make sure their name is at the top of the mug. They can take it to work and everyone will know about their love of the show. Or, they can brew a cup of coffee and lounge on the couch while watching the one where Phoebe runs. Such a great episode.

Unisex Hoodie, Large

Friends TV Show Hoodies Unisex

Friends hoodie

Great gift for birthdays and holidays, for a fan or treat yourself.

$16.86 from Amazon

Amazon.com Price: $16.86 as of 11-18-2018 20:43 CST

Make sure your friend keeps warm and cozy during the cold months. This casual hoodie has the show’s logo and is made with quality. Plus, it comes in the colors black and charcoal. With a front pocket to keep their hands warm or hold their keys, your friend will be so happy to have a stylish sweatshirt that reminds them of their favorite show.

Soy Candle with Personalized Names

Friends TV Show Soy Candle Gift for Friend

Hand Poured Soy Candle

Comes ready to gift in a lovely gift box. Perfect Holiday Gift or Anytime Gift.

$24.00 from Amazon

Amazon.com Price: $24.00 as of 11-18-2018 20:43 CST

Another great gift is this personalized candle with your friend’s name on it! With so many scents to choose from, this candle is a special way to show your friend just how much you care. Their room will smell beautiful and they’ll have a reminder of just how important they are to you. Scent variety includes green tea and lemongrass, blackberry and vanilla, and more! Pair this candle with some of your friend’s favorite candy or some fuzzy socks and you’ve got the best gift-giving season ever.

Lobster Stuffed Animal Plush

Plush Friends Lobster Stuffed Animal

Inspired by Phoebe’s lobster story

Create your own lobster love story with a Friends plush lobster present.

$21.95 from Amazon

Amazon.com Price: $21.95 as of 11-18-2018 20:43 CST

“See, he’s her lobster.” – Phoebe. Who can forget the iconic comparison made about Ross and Rachel’s love story? Get this plush and soft animal for your lobster and let he or she know just how much you love them. Cute and soft, they can keep this little fellow without having to worry about the pinching claws. Additionally, this plush animal is made of high quality materials and is a really unique way to show love to your lobster!

“I’ll Be There for You” Hand Lettered Print

I'll Be There For You Friends Hand Lettered Art Print

Gorgeous print never fades

This modern typography print is printed on 8.5 x 11 110 lb card stock with high quality archival inks.

$14.99 from Amazon

Amazon.com Price: $14.99 as of 11-18-2018 20:43 CST

The theme song you just can’t help but sing along to. Give your friend a subtle and fun print for their living room, bedroom, or office. Written in a similar style of the show’s font and colors, this print would look great on the wall and remind your friend just how special they really are. Certainly, they will appreciate you taking time to find the gift that matches their interests and favorite show!


Unagi Popsocket

Unagi, it's something you have Aware Mindfulness - PopSockets

It's not something you are, it's something you have!

Take this great phone accessory with you to go out for sushi, self defense class, karate or to protect your friends and keep them safe.

$14.99 from Amazon

Amazon.com Price: $14.99 as of 11-18-2018 20:43 CST

Have you mastered the art of Unagi? If not, that’s okay too. You can still have this cool Friends themed Popsocket. These products are great for holding your phone easily while texting, taking selfies, or group photos. Additionally, the Popsocket expands to allow for the phone to stand upright on its side. So, this makes it convenient for watching videos. Your Friends fan will have something to remind them to practice mindfulness and they’ll be able to take awesome selfies!

Smelly Cat Cushion Cover

Threads Basket SMELLY CAT 16 x 16 inch Decorative Square Cushion Pillowcase

Smelly cat

Great gift for each holiday, matches with any color bed, couch, sofa, car, or chair.

$19.99 from Amazon

Amazon.com Price: $19.99 as of 11-18-2018 20:43 CST

“Smelly cat, smelly cat, what are they feeding you?” – Phoebe. We want to know too, Phoebe. The good news is with this pillow cover you won’t have to smell the smelly cat’s smells. But, you will get to have a fun and cool pillow for your home. Give this as a gift for your friend’s living room or bedroom. It’s certainly a conversation starter and will put a smile on anyone’s face that loves this classic song.

Umbrella Minimalist Poster

Umbrella Friends Minimalist Poster

Professionally printed on 100lb paper

Archival inks guaranteed to be fade-resistant for 100 years.

$9.99 from Amazon

Amazon.com Price: $9.99 as of 11-18-2018 20:43 CST

With its bright colors and beautiful lettering, this umbrella minimalist poster captures the essence of the show in physical form. The umbrella made of different color and shapes of leaves is reminiscent of the umbrellas used by the character in the show’s opening title sequence with the famous song “I’ll Be There For You,” by The Rembrandts. So, this would look great on your friend’s wall or in their office and makes a great conversation piece.

Adults Hats Unisex

Friends TV Show Adult Hats Unisex

One Size Fits All

This denim hat is modern and can be worn with anything for a chic look.

$6.97 from Amazon

Amazon.com Price: $6.97 as of 11-18-2018 20:43 CST

This hat will be there for you. The relaxed style and asphalt color would go great with any casual outfit. Wear it while exercising, running errands, or to protect your head from the sun. Plus, there are a variety of styles and colors to choose from with this hat. You are sure to find the style that fits your friend’s personality and they will be so happy with a gift from their favorite show. Make this the best holiday or birthday gift ever!


Central Perk Coffee Mug

Friends TV Show Central Perk Coffee Mug

Inspired by Friends!

Holds a heaping helping of soup or beverage.

$18.60 from Amazon

Amazon.com Price: $18.60 as of 11-18-2018 20:43 CST

Bring it back to where it all started with this Central Perk Coffee mug. Able to hold a heaping amount of food or beverage, this mug is just what your friend needs after a long day. They can make a steaming cup of coffee and get down to business, watching their favorite show. Whether its soup, tea, or coffee, this mug is certainly a great gift for any lover of the Friends television show.


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