The holidays are here!

The holidays are here people! So you know what that means. Good food, good gifts, good company, and most importantly…..UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATERS! Ugly Christmas sweaters are our favorite. Wear them to all of your holiday parties, or anytime throughout the holiday season just because they’re comfy. But we don’t want to show you ordinary ugly Christmas sweaters, we want to show you the ~funniest~ ugly Christmas sweaters.


Beer Pong Ugly Christmas Sweater

Beer Pong Christmas Sweater

Tipsy Elves

Don't just go to the party, be the party

$49.95 from Amazon Price: $49.95 as of 11-05-2018 15:22 CST

Don’t just go to the party, be the party! With this Beer Pong Christmas Sweater from Tipsy Elves, you’ll instantly become the life of the party. This hilarious Christmas sweater features red cups on the sleeves that are decorated in a festive print, and a big green tree on the front. Additionally, the sweater comes with actual red party cups that you can stick on and take off. Everyone will have to play the classic game on your sweater before the party is over. It even comes with 6 official beer pong balls! It would certainly be perfect for any holiday gathering. Want to go a little more subtle? All you have to do is take the removable cups off and it becomes a normal ugly Christmas sweater. This maybe one of our favorites here at GoferGift.

I Know When Those Sleigh Bells Ring Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt

I Know When Those Sleigh Bells Ring Christmas Sweatshirt

Drake Holiday Sweatshirt

That can only mean one thing, right?

$24.99 from Amazon Price: $24.99 as of 11-05-2018 15:22 CST

We know when those sleigh bells ring, that could only mean one thing. This classic Drake sweatshirt is always going to be a hit at parties. It’s just like all of the memes out there. This sweatshirt features Drake dancing around to his hit song all around the festive designs. The vibrant blue, red, green, and yellow colors always pop out. It’s almost his music video on your sweatshirt. Additionally, the sweatshirt is available in three different colors: black, white, and grey and goes up to a size XXL. The image is printed directly onto the garment so you get that vintage look. You can wash, dry, and iron as normal per garment specs without worrying about cracking or peeling because of the high quality. Your hotline will probably bling when everyone sees you in this Drake ugly Christmas Sweatshirt.


Santa & Mrs. Claus Two Person Ugly Christmas Sweater

Santa & Mrs. Claus Two Person Sweater

Long sleeve; crew neck

One size fits most.

$29.99 from Amazon Price: $29.99 as of 11-05-2018 15:22 CST

Keep your significant other or best friend by your side all night in this hilarious sweater. The two person sweater alone is funny, but it seems like even funnier when Santa is pooping while Mrs. Claus is taking a bubble bath. Almost everyone will want to take pictures with this two headed sweater. Its fun and bright holiday colors are also sure to make you guys stand out in a crowd. Pair it with some santa hats, and you’re good to go!

Santa Face Swap Ugly Christmas Sweater

Santa Face Swap Ugly Christmas Sweater

Tipsy Elves

Is it you, or the big man himself?

$29.95 from Amazon Price: $29.95 as of 11-05-2018 15:22 CST

Want to embarrass your friends at the big holiday party? We found just what you need! Because this Santa Face Swap Christmas Sweater from Tipsy Elves allows you to insert a picture of anyone’s face over Santa’s. Just cut out a circle of you or your friend’s face and slide it in the plastic insert over Santa’s head and boom – there’s a new Santa in town. Have you or your friend’s face on this Santa body with everything from his hat, his belt, his boots, and also an extremely well placed mistletoe. It’s so unique. This sweater is sure to get some laughs at the holiday party, and almost everyone will want a picture with the new Santa!



Humping Reindeer Ugly Christmas Sweater

Humping Reindeer Christmas Sweater

Tipsy Elves

Festive and fun quarter zip pull-over.

$49.95 from Amazon Price: $49.95 as of 11-05-2018 15:22 CST

Get ready to knock everyone’s antlers off at the holiday party this year! At first glance, this almost looks like your ordinary festive Christmas sweater. But it’s definitely far from that because if you look closely, it shows two reindeer humping! It’s also made of a nice high quality material to keep you warm and it’s perfect for layering. So it’s most definitely a conversation starter.

Mike Tyson Merry Chrithmith Sweatshirt

Merry Chrithmith Sweatshirt

Mike Tyson

50% cotton 50% polyester

$24.99 from Amazon Price: $24.99 as of 11-05-2018 15:22 CST

Everyone will be lining up at the Christmas party to take a picture with this Mike Tyson Merry Crithmith ugly holiday sweatshirt. Show everyone your favorite boxer while they imagine his voice saying, “Merry Crithmith.” Likewise, this sweatshirt is 50% cotton and 50% polyester so it’s sure to keep you warm while not suffocating you. The sweatshirt is pre-shrunk, so expect little to no shrinkage when thinking about sizing. Additionally, it comes in every size from small to XXXLarge. This is sure to be a hit! Not to mention you could totally use it as a photo caption.


Pooping Moose Ugly Christmas Sweater

Pooping Moose Christmas Sweater

Miracle Mugs

Ahhh, the classic poop joke.

$24.99 from Amazon Price: $24.99 as of 11-05-2018 15:22 CST

It maybe immature, but you have to admit it’s funny. This Pooping Moose Ugly Christmas Sweater is designed with three goals in mind: style, humor, and comfort. The style of this ugly Christmas sweater makes it a perfect wear for the holidays and all of the parties. The soft fabric of acrylic – cotton gives you comfort and is sure to keep you warm all winter. Additionally, this sweater also has festive designing on it, so people probably won’t even notice the pooping moose unless they really look close. It’s certainly a humorous and playful sweater for the holidays.

Fuzzy Bikini Ugly Christmas Sweater

Fuzzy Bikini Ugly Christmas Sweater


Who said you can't wear bikinis in the winter?

$28.99 from Amazon Price: $28.99 as of 11-05-2018 15:22 CST

Finally, no bikini body no problem! With this fuzzy bikini ugly Christmas sweater, everyone is bikini ready. This is probably the coolest, funniest, and most comfortable Christmas sweater there is. Above all, its soft and comfortable acrylic blend fabric makes this sweater stretchy, cozy, and warm. It even has a unisex fit so it’s perfect for both men and women! We think it would even be good for couples who want to match. So don’t forget your flip flops and sun screen.




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