Take a look at this list of gift ideas for people who love art!

Art can be found everywhere we look. Do you know someone who is artsy? Maybe they like finding art for their home. There are so many possibilities of gifts for people who love art. We’ve got a few ideas on what to give to the person who loves art in your life. Check out this list! You might find the perfect gift.


Billion Dollar Art Gallery

BillionDollarArtGallery Transform Your TV Into Wall Art

Elegant & Modern Chrome Design

The ultimate gift for every art lover!

$34.99 from Amazon

Amazon.com Price: $34.99 as of 02-15-2019 17:43 CST

This is art of the future. This device will turn their HDTV into the world’s best art frame, displaying well over a billion dollars worth of art right in your living room! The Billion Dollar Art Gallery collection of beautiful paintings is edited to display quickly in high resolution on any large-screen television. Additionally, the sleek chrome USB drive seamlessly inserts into a TV’s or Roku’s USB port. So, all they have to do is plug it in and enjoy the art! Not to mention, it is packaged beautifully in an elegant solid maple wood gift box with our logo laser-etched on. All in all, with this gift, they can turn their living room into an art museum!

Creative Letter Art – Personalized Name Sign

Creative Letter Art - Personalized Framed Name Sign

Unique, one of a kind

Why be ordinary when you can create the extraordinary?

$49.95 from Amazon

Amazon.com Price: $49.95 as of 02-15-2019 17:43 CST

This would certainly make for a thoughtful and unique gift. With this personalized name sign, you can give them a piece they will want to hang up right away. Additionally, you can choose the size of the frame and the style of frame that best matches the person you are gifting this to. Not to mention, this item also comes with the appropriate hardware to hang this piece. All in all, this is definitely a keepsake anyone could keep for a long time.

Natural Landscape Wall Art Painting

Scene Artworks Canvas Wall Art: Yellow Falling Leaves in Autumn Foggy Forest

Gallery display

A serene tree-filled scene, beautiful red fall trees at the sunrise that create the feeling of the original masterpiece and bring an immersive experience to you.

$29.99 from Amazon

Amazon.com Price: $29.99 as of 02-15-2019 17:43 CST

Split canvas art looks great in any room and breathes new life into one simple canvas. This natural landscape art certainly evokes a rustic foggy fall morning. When you gift this, they can hang it in their living room or office for a piece that really brings everything together. Not to mention, it can be hung anywhere with the attached and pre-installed saw tooth hardware. All in all, this makes for a subtle yet beautiful piece!

YaSheng Art – Oil Painting on Canvas

YaSheng Art - 100% Hand Painted Art Beautiful Colorful Oil Paintings On Canvas

A perfect wall decoration

Each painting is 100% hand-painted.

$86.88 from Amazon

Amazon.com Price: $86.88 as of 02-15-2019 17:43 CST

This bright and colorful oil painting on canvas will look beautiful in any room! These paintings are 100% hand painted and will certainly make a great gift. Additionally, each panel has a black hook already mounted on the wooden bar for easy hanging out of box. Not to mention, you can choose from a few different designs. All in all, this painting will be something they can keep for a while.

Deluxe Art Creativity Set

US Art Supply 82 Piece Deluxe Art Creativity Set

makes a great gift

Exclusive deluxe drawing kit for the beginner or as an intro set.

$34.96 from Amazon

Amazon.com Price: $34.96 as of 02-15-2019 17:43 CST

This set has everything anyone needs to get started on their budding art. With over 80 pieces and some blank paper to get them started, this would certainly make a great gift for anyone who loves to make their very own artsy pieces. Additionally, this set is great for travel because the suitcase handle and locking clasps make this art set ideal for easy transporting. Not to mention, this set is great for kids and adults alike. If you know someone wanting to try out making their own art, this would make a perfect gift idea!





The Original Buddha Board: Relaxing Water Drawing

The Original Buddha Board: Relaxing Water Drawing


The superior, genuine, authentic Buddha Board, made with only the finest high-quality materials.

$34.95 from Amazon

Amazon.com Price: $34.95 as of 02-15-2019 17:43 CST

What if they like art, but they want to start small when it comes to creating? This relaxing and authentic Buddha board is built to last and made with high quality materials. Additionally, it is very easy to use. They simply fill the stand with water, dip in the bamboo brush and start creating. They’ll create soft, beautiful images with a rich ink look.  Then, they can enjoy their creation in the moment, as the water evaporates, and practice the art of letting go. Certainly, this is a great stress reliever as well. All in all, this makes for a unique and fun gift idea!

Ohuhu 40-color Dual Tip Permanent Marker Pens

Ohuhu 40-color Dual Tip Permanent Marker Pens


This is the perfect gift and addition for artists, students, kids, and more for arts and crafts, design etc.

$19.99 from Amazon

Amazon.com Price: $19.99 as of 02-15-2019 17:43 CST

Coloring books for adults are pretty popular these days with everyone wanting to remember their childhood days. This set of markers is great for coloring, doodling, or even reading through papers. The broad and fine twin tips for precise highlighting and underlining are good for drawing with both thin and thick lines. Additionally, this allows you to create various styles, sketches and patterns with ease. Not to mention, the marker pens are highly pigmented, allowing you to color in at least 984ft. worth of drawings. The color-coded caps allow for ease in organization and use in identifying colors. Also, this marker pen set is quipped with a beautiful black carrying case for ease in traveling and storing. All in all, this would be great for anyone who likes a little bit of fun in everyday writing!

Merlion 3D Pen

Merlion 3D Pen

Environmentally Friendly

3D Pen with Large OLED display allows you to monitor flow, speed and temperature, helping you to acheive better performance.

$48.98 from Amazon

Amazon.com Price: $48.98 as of 02-15-2019 17:43 CST

Another way to create art, this futuristic pen is great for kids and adults. They can create their very own 3D masterpieces. This pen has adjustable speed and temperatures. So, you can choose the speed and maintain optimal control when creating. Not to mention, if they already have a 3D printer, this can make a great addition. All in all, this is a fun gift idea that everyone will love to try out!

SAMYO Wax Stamp Seal

SAMYO Wax Stamp Seal

Creative gifts.

A bit old fashioned but so charming and old-world.

$14.80 from Amazon

Amazon.com Price: $14.80 as of 02-15-2019 17:43 CST

When you gift this unique and fun set, they will be able to use it for a variety of occasions. These are great for invitations and cards. Or, they can use this in a crafty setting as well. Additionally, you can choose the letter that matches the person who is receiving this gift set. Not to mention, this set comes with three different color options when it comes to the wax. All in all, this is a great gift idea that keeps on giving!

Girl Blowing Dandelion Under Umbrella Print

Culturenik Marc Allante Girl Blowing Dandelion Under Umbrella Paint


High Quality Print Published EXCLUSIVELY by Culturenik in the USA.

$9.95 from Amazon

Amazon.com Price: $9.95 as of 02-15-2019 17:43 CST

Finally, this beautiful print would make a great addition to anyone’s home. This poster features a modern art image of a girl standing under an umbrella covered in paint-splatter style rain, blowing on a dandelion seed flower, by artist Marc Allante. This would look great in a home or office setting. All in all, it will bring a little splash of color to any environment.



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