Check out these gifts for teachers!

The end of the school year is closer then you think. Hardworking teachers deserving an awesome thank-you gift. Can’t find the right gift for your teacher? We’ve got a list of ideas that might just spark the perfect gift idea.


Acrylic Teacher Office Desk Bar

Acrylic Teacher Office Desk Bar - Beautiful Teacher Appreciation Gift

Elegant and timeless

Reverse engraved for beautiful three dimensional appearance of text and graphics.

$29.99 from Amazon Price: $29.99 as of 03-01-2019 19:27 CST

This 2×10 inch acrylic teacher desk plate is elegant, timeless and the perfect appreciation gift for that special teacher in your life. Additionally, it’s crafted from a solid piece of acrylic. Not to mention, this desk name plate is then reverse engraved, resulting in a three dimensional look of the text and graphics. You can add up to two lines of engraved text. All in all, this is a thoughtful and personal gift idea that is great for teachers.

This Teacher Needs Coffee – Insulated Travel Coffee Tumbler

This Teacher Needs Coffee - 16 oz Insulated Travel Coffee Tumbler with Lid

gold colored metallic print

Mint Green/Aqua lid and mint and white mug colors make this tumbler fun and colorful.

$19.96 from Amazon Price: $19.96 as of 03-01-2019 19:27 CST

This travel tumbler is great for hot and cold drinks. Additionally, it comes with a push-on open and close lid for easy traveling. Not to mention, the mint green and aqua colors with gold print make this a stylish and fun mug. If the teacher in your life loves coffee, this is the perfect gift for them!

Dry Erase Pocket Sheet Protectors

Dry Erase Pockets Sheet Protectors - Reusable


There is no need for printing the same papers over and over while you help to save the environment.

$19.97 from Amazon Price: $19.97 as of 03-01-2019 19:27 CST

These oversized reusable dry erase pockets ensure that whatever they chose to put in them will stay as neat and clean as the day they inserted them. Additionally, these are environmentally friendly as they are reusable. Not to mention, this is a gift they could definitely put to use. These sheet protectors are heavy duty, so they keep long during use with children. They can also get activity books and cut off the binding and put the sheets in different pockets and use them countless times. Overall, the options for using them is endless.

Smead Cascading Wall Organizer

Smead Cascading Wall Organizer

Elastic cord closure for secure and easy transport.

Durable poly material is tear proof, water resistant, acid free and PVC free.

$12.74 from Amazon Price: $12.74 as of 03-01-2019 19:27 CST

Organization for teachers is a must. This cascading wall organizer will reduce desk and office clutter by utilizing often overlooked wall space. Additionally, these six cascading colored file pockets are removable to make document access easy. Not to mention, each pocket holds 50 sheets. So, they will be able to store and organize all of their important papers. Whether they are organizing their first classroom or just need a place to put everything, this is a great functional gift idea.

Apple Shaped Paper Clips

Butler in the Home Fruit Apple Shaped Paper Clips

Comes in a convenient tin with lid

Great For Paper Clip Collectors or a Teacher's Gift.

$12.99 from Amazon Price: $12.99 as of 03-01-2019 19:27 CST

How cute are these paper clips? They comes in a convenient tin with a lid for easy storage and organization. Additionally, these paper clips come in red and green for your favorite teacher. Certainly, this makes for a great small thank-you for the special educator in your life. All in all, they can organize their things with these fun and cute paper clips.



Teacher Peach “Amazing Potential” Sticky Note Box Set

Product Name


This motivational sticky note and page marker box set is amazingly versatile.

$12.99 from Amazon Price: $12.99 as of 03-01-2019 19:27 CST

Help them stay on top of due dates and organization with this sticky note box set. This set comes with over 1000 sticky flags and 200 small sticky pages. Additionally, with these bright colors and motivation on the box, this makes for a great gift set. Not to mention, there are other options for the style on the box. So, you can choose the box that fits your teacher best. All in all, this would make for a great functional gift idea!

Live Succulent Plant Gift

Live Succulent Plant - Signature Garden Centerpiece and Gift Box

three fresh, long-lasting succulents.

Give that special someone a unique, individualized gift that will surprise and delight.

$48.00 from Amazon Price: $48.00 as of 03-01-2019 19:27 CST

These gardens arrive in a beautifully crafted gift box that is designed to serve as a planter. So, the experience is very simple – just open and enjoy. Certainly, these are a stylish, contemporary and sophisticated way of greenery gifting for any occasion. Additionally, each Jewel Garden contains three small succulents individually chosen and planted for your order. These plants are chosen based on season availability and carefully packed for stability during shipment. Overall, this is a great gift idea for teachers as they require little care and look great in a classroom or home.

Blush Gift Box Set

Blush Gift Box Set

Fragrant candle and floral notebook

The perfect gift idea.

$46.50 from Amazon Price: $46.50 as of 03-01-2019 19:27 CST

Looking for the ultimate gift box? You’ve found it! Show your teacher how awesome she is with this box. She’ll be delighted when she opens the pretty box you’ve sent and see’s these 4 beautiful items. This set includes a comfy fashionable acrylic pashmina scarf, a yummy scented candle, a gorgeous floral notebook, and a handmade paperclip to mark her page that comes on a paper card with one of 12 different inspirational, positive messages. Not to mention, it comes beautifully packaged in a kraft box with light pink tissue. This is the ultimate gift box for a teacher!

Pencil Tip Designed Pen/Pencil Holder

Pencil Tip Design Pen/Pencil Holder

Organize stuff in order

Cute, simple and creative design.

$9.40 from Amazon Price: $9.40 as of 03-01-2019 19:27 CST

Certainly, this organizer would look great on any teacher’s desk. This is a compact and easy to carry holder. Additionally, its bright color will be lighten up the classroom. Not to mention, this gives them a place to put all of those loose pens and pencils. You could even fill this with candy or chocolate or a gift card to make this an extra special gift. Finally, wrap it with a colorful ribbon and you’ve got a cool DIY gift set. All in all, this makes for a great gift idea for any teacher.

Chai Tea Sampler

Chai Tea Sampler


Beautiful, high quality and premium packaging.

$14.99 from Amazon Price: $14.99 as of 03-01-2019 19:27 CST

Lastly, this chai tea sampler set is a great calming gift for any teacher who enjoys drinking tea. This set comes with ten different teas for them to try and enjoy. These loose tea samplers can be an excellent gift idea. Additionally, they can discover a new world of milk tea in each of the loose leaf tea sampler spiced tea. Not to mention, the packaging makes it great for gifting. All in all, the beautiful packaging and variety of teas in this set makes for a great gift idea. They will love being able to choose a different tea each day. Overall, you could also write a card with awesome puns like, “You’re the best TEA-cher.”



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