Check out these tech gifts for Mother’s Day!

Who doesn’t love a cool tech gift? This Mother’s Day, you can step outside of the boring flowers and chocolate for your mom and get her something she will use. If your mom is interested in current technology, take a look at some of the gifts on this list.

Apple Watch Series 4

Apple Watch Series 4

50% louder speaker

Electrical and optical heart sensors

$414.00 from Amazon Price: $414.00 as of 04-28-2019 20:43 CST

This Apple Watch Series 4 would make a great tech gift for this Mother’s Day. This edition has the largest Apple Watch display yet and is the ultimate workout partner. She can use it to keep fit or connect on the phone. This device makes it easy to do so many things with one watch on her wrist. All in all, this is certainly a cool tech gift idea!

Electric Heating Pad

Tech Love Electric Heating Pad

100% polyester

Portable Travel Pouch included.

$39.99 from Amazon Price: $39.99 as of 04-28-2019 20:43 CST

Show her you care about her comfort with this electric heating pad for her neck, shoulders and upper back. This large size wrap provides therapeutic heat to help aching areas and soothe muscle pain. Additionally, this heat wrap has fast heating and four heat settings. The digital controller allows for easy use and the pad has an automatic shut-off at two hours. Not to mention, this heating pad also has a dry and moist heating option depending on how she wants to relax. All in all, any mom would love this unique and relaxing tech gift!

Bluetooth Heaphone Necklace

USEE TECH Bluetooth Headphones Necklace

Stylish bluetooth jewelry

This is a piece of art, not only a necklace but a wireless headset.

$39.99 from Amazon Price: $39.99 as of 04-28-2019 20:43 CST

Now this gift is definitely a unique one. This necklace doubles as a Bluetooth headphone set. The quality speakers combine with CSR bluetooth chip to create accurate HD stereo sound with powerful bass, making it the best choice for music and mobile phones. Not to mention, the necklace portion of this piece is beautiful and would look great with almost any outfit. Additionally, this piece comes in several different style options. All in all, this makes for a great Mother’s Day gift.

Wireless Hand-free Bluetooth Car Charger

Hands-free Call Car Charger, Wireless Bluetooth


Answer/Reject/Hand up/Recall all in one key.

$16.99 from Amazon Price: $16.99 as of 04-28-2019 20:43 CST

Even moms need a hands-free call car charger. When she is on the go and doesn’t have the hands to pick up her phone, she can place this little gadget in her car and have calls via Bluetooth and play music in multiple ways. Additionally, this Bluetooth Transmitter works with iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy and other Bluetooth enabled devices such as MP3,MP4 Player. Not to mention, this device has a recall function that will call the last phone number. Overall, this is such a handy and unique gift idea.

Portal, Hands-free Video Calling Device

Portal from Facebook. Smart, Hands-Free Video Calling with Alexa Built-in

Private by design

Move and talk freely with Smart Camera

$99.00 from Amazon Price: $99.00 as of 04-28-2019 20:43 CST

With this Portal device from Facebook, she can video call while moving around hands-free. This device comes with Alexa built in for easy use and a smart camera that will adjust to her actions. With the built-in Alexa function, she can ask a question, set a timer, add items to her shopping list, control her smart home and more. Whether she travels frequently for work or is a long-distance mom, this is a great tech gift for Mother’s Day.

Instant Pot

Instant Pot

Healthy, stainless steel

Built with the latest 3rd generation technology, the microprocessor monitors pressure, temperature, keeps time, and adjusts heating intensity.

$69.99 from Amazon Price: $69.99 as of 04-28-2019 20:43 CST

If your mom is on the go, this instant pot will have a meal ready in minutes. This particular device combines 7 kitchen appliances in one with a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer and more. Additionally, it prepares dishes up to 70% faster to support her busy lifestyle. There are so many recipes to try with this device. Overall, this is a great gift for a mom who loves to cook!

Dog Camera Treat Dispenser

SKYMEE Dog Camera Treat Dispenser

1080p Full HD Camera

Toss your dog’s favorite treats.

$149.99 from Amazon Price: $149.99 as of 04-28-2019 20:43 CST
This is a unique gift for mom and her dog too. This dog camera also comes equipped with a treat dispenser she can use at any time. While away, she can log into the camera and click a button to throw a treat to her beloved pet. Overall, this is a unique tech gift for mom and her best friend!

Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential Oil Diffuser For House


ZenBreeze Wood Grain Model adds scented vapor moisture to your air which helps cover up bad smells.

$39.97 from Amazon Price: $39.97 as of 04-28-2019 20:43 CST

Oil diffusers are great for creating a sense of peace and calm in any room. If your mom says she wants peace and quiet as a Mother’s Day gift, this would be a great idea. You can also purchase some pure essentials oils for her to use and all she has to add is water. All in all, this is a thoughtful and useful gift idea!

Aluminum Alloy Charging Stand

Aluminum Alloy Charging Stand


Showcases your device for sturdy, hands-free interaction like Face Time or Skype, supporting for iPhone with different slim cases.

$35.97 from Amazon Price: $35.97 as of 04-28-2019 20:43 CST

Most of us have devices which need to be stored in a neat way. This aluminum charging stand will hold her iPhone, Airpods and watch in a sleek in stylish way. The “Innovative three pebbles design” allows the phone to be placed horizontally without scratching the edge of the phone or blocking the contents on the screen, especially when using a full-screen phone (such as for iPhoneX). Overall she can put this on her nightstand or desk.

Electric Wine Opener with Charger

Electric Wine Opener with Charger

easy to use

Open a wine bottle in 7 seconds.

$27.97 from Amazon Price: $27.97 as of 04-28-2019 20:43 CST

This gift combines tech and the wonders of drinking wine. Able to open up to 80 bottles in one full charge, this must have kitchen gadget would make a great present for Mother’s Day. Now, she can do away with her old twist-bottle opener and use this to open her wine in seven seconds. Not to mention, this gift set comes with 4AA batteries, automatic rechargeable corkscrew, vacuum wine stopper and more! Overall, this would make for a great Mother’s Day tech gift.

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