Check out this list of essentials for cold weather!

So, the cold weather is here and she is always cold. Where do you start? This list has some great ideas from fashionable jackets to warm socks that the woman in your life will love to wear. Plus, they will keep her looking stylish and warm. Take a look at this list for some great gift ideas for women! Or, send it as a *hint hint.


Unique Styles Women’s Plush Sherpa Lined Slipper Socks

Unique Styles Women Plush Sherpa Lined Slipper Socks


Will keep you warm during the winter. All around the house footwear for the winter season.

$12.99 from Amazon Price: $12.99 as of 02-01-2019 19:24 CST

If she’s always cold, these are such an awesome gift idea! These sherpa socks will certainly keep her feet nice and warm. Additionally, they are lined to be non-skid. So, she won’t slip while wearing them. These socks are like a hug for your feet. The soft material and cute style will make for an awesome gift. Not to mention, there are a variety of colors to choose from which means you can choose the colors that best fits her style. All in all, she will love these socks.

Appercloth Faux Suede Jackets for Women

Apperloth Faux Suede Jackets for Women

Suited for Spring, Fall and Winter

Short style, suitable for daily work and casual wear

$36.99 from Amazon Price: $36.99 as of 02-01-2019 19:24 CST

For jackets, we start with an edgier look with this faux suede jacket for women. This jacket is long sleeve and suited for most seasonal wear. She can wear it as a fashionable piece to work. Or, this jacket looks great when going with friends for a night out. Additionally, this jacket comes in a variety of colors to fit her style. Not to mention, it’s made of light and comfortable faux suede fabric. All in all, this would make a great edgy piece with her wardrobe.

Women’s Lined Raincoat

Women Lined Raincoat Outdoor Casual Trench Windbreaker

Will keep you warm and dry

Take this long rain trenchcoat to any outdoor activity

$37.99 from Amazon Price: $37.99 as of 02-01-2019 19:24 CST

When it’s cold and rainy, this raincoat will keep her warm and dry. This lined raincoat is in a trench style and will certainly keep her dry from rainy days. Additionally, the lightweight material won’t keep her from being active even when the weather is not great. Not to mention, the cute belt adds a touch of style. Overall, this jacket comes in three different colors and can be worn in both professional and casual settings.

Electric Heated Throw Blanket

MaxKare Electric Heated Throw Blanket

Full-body Comfort & Fast Heating

The heated throw blanket (50*60 inches) cuddles you comprehensively and stably with snap button design while heating rapidly with 3 optional levels (95-113℉) for maximum comfort to combat cold weather.

$69.99 from Amazon Price: $69.99 as of 02-01-2019 19:24 CST

For anyone who is always cold, this blanket is the perfect gift. It will provide full-body comfort and fast heating. The blanket is made of soft material. So, she will be comfy and warm. Not to mention, this blanket has an automatic shut-off after four hours to there is no worry about forgetting to turn it off. All in all, this makes for a great gift!

Ladies’ 4-Way Stretch Jacket

32 DEGREES Ladies' 4-Way Stretch Jacket

Zippered hand pockets

Stand up collar, soft hand feel, and flattering quilt lines

$29.99 from Amazon Price: $29.99 as of 02-01-2019 19:24 CST

If she’s always cold, consider this water resistant stretch jacket. It comes in three colors to fit anyone’s style. Not to mention, the soft feel of the fabric means she will definitely be comfortable when out-and-about. This makes for a great coat for those really cold winter days. So, you can make sure she stays warm, comfortable, and stylish with this unique jacket.



Women’s Winter Knitted Headband

Product Name

High elasticty, perfect to fit the head

You can wear these cute knit headband ear warmers to any outdoor winter sport and activity.

$5.99 from Amazon Price: $5.99 as of 02-01-2019 19:24 CST

This headband doubles as an ear cover. Certainly, this would make a thoughtful small gift. Not to mention, these headbands come in a variety of colors. Additionally, you can choose from one or two depending on the color that best fits her style. A headband that is stylish and that doubles to keep her ears warm will definitely make for a great gift!

Blush Gift Box with Scarf, Candle, Notebook, and Planner Accessory

Blush Gift Box w/Scarf, Candle, Notebook & Planner Accessory


What lady doesn't love to receive a box of goodies that smell delicious, is pretty, cozy, soft, useful and uplifting?

$42.56 from Amazon Price: $42.56 as of 02-01-2019 19:24 CST

Show you care about her and what she likes with this bundled gift. She’ll be delighted when she opens the pretty box you’ve sent and see’s these 4 beautiful items. Certainly, she will use everything in this popular set! This set includes a comfy fashionable fall/winter plaid scarf to make her standout, a yummy scented candle. So, she will think of you every time she burns it in her kitchen, bedroom, office, bathroom or living room. Not to mention, it has a floral notebook/ journal to keep in her handbag, laptop bag, or even gym bag to take notes, brainstorm ideas, write down her goals or grocery list. Plus, she’ll get a one of a kind, handmade paperclip to mark her page. So, stop worrying about finding the perfect gift, this is one that every woman wants. It comes beautifully packaged in a box with light pink tissue.

Levi’s Women’s Original Trucker

Levi's Women's Original Trucker

Layer it over any outfit for a timeless look.

Levi's Original Trucker Jacket is a classic staple no closet should be without.

$41.93 from Amazon Price: $41.93 as of 02-01-2019 19:24 CST

This jacket is great for causal weekend outings and would also work for casual Fridays. It has button closure and is machine washable. Not to mention, this jacket comes in several different colors. So, you are sure to find the color that will match her style. Overall, this is a versatile jacket that she can pair with pieces in her wardrobe to create a timeless look.

Ceramic Tea Bewing Cup

Tea Forté KATI Cup Ceramic Tea Brewing Cup


Includes a double-wall ceramic tumbler, stainless steel infuser basket and lid to keep tea hot while steeping.

$20.00 from Amazon Price: $20.00 as of 02-01-2019 19:24 CST

Certainly, this is a great gift for her if she is always cold and loves tea! With this ceramic tea brewing cup, she will be able to brew her favorite tea and drink it from the same cup. The sturdy and extra fine infusing basket makes sure loose particles won’t end up in the tea. Additionally, the innovative double-wall construction keeps tea hot and the tumbler cozy to hold. Not to mention, this beautiful and elegant design will make her want to take this cup everywhere, especially during the cold months. Also, the lid are microwave & dishwasher safe.

Women’s Galways Bay Cable Knit Wool Pocket Scarf

Women's Galway Bay Cable Knit Wool Pocket Scarf

Thick and cozy cable knit will keep you warm

Keep your neck and hands warm with this pocket scarf.

$59.95 from Amazon Price: $59.95 as of 02-01-2019 19:24 CST

This scarf has the best of both worlds. Not only will it keep her neck warm, but it has pockets to protect her hands from the cold as well. This scarf comes in different colors. So, you can choose the color that best fits her style. All in all, she can wear this scarf to work or on the weekends for a casual event. She can even wear this at home for extra warmth.




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