Check out this list of gift ideas for your long-distance best friend!

It’s tough having a long-distance best friend. Making sure schedules match up and calling is just not the same as seeing them in person. Although, you can send them a little something to let them know you are thinking about them even when you can’t see each other. Take a look at this list of gift ideas for a long-distance best friend! You might find the perfect gift.


Elegant Signs “Good Friends are Like Stars” Picture Frame

Elegant Signs Good Friends are Like Stars Sign Picture Frame

Quality they will love

This frame stands with an easel on the back or hangs on the wall.

$22.99 from Amazon Price: $22.99 as of 02-08-2019 15:56 CST

There is nothing better than a good friend and a great photo that captures that friendship. With this frame, you can remind them of the fun times the two of you have had with a great picture. Additionally, they will be able to hang this frame or stand it up on a desk or table. Not to mention, this frame comes with a clear protective acrylic sheet to preserve the photo and quality ink lettering. All in all, this is such a great way to let your friend just how much you care.

Compass Best Friend Necklaces

Compass Best Friend Necklaces

A dainty minimalist pendant

This delicate necklaces are made with hand by connecting all the small parts together with hand tools.

$26.00 from Amazon Price: $26.00 as of 02-08-2019 15:56 CST

Though these necklaces are small, they are beautifully elegant in style and great for everyday wear. You can keep one and gift the other to a friend, knowing they will be wearing the other part to this set. This is a set of two necklaces, packaged in a box for easy gifting. Not to mention, this would be great for a Valentine’s/Galentine’s day, graduation, or just because gift! Additionally, they can layer this necklace for a stylish and trendy look. All in all, this set would make anyone smile.

Willow Tree Hand-Painted Sculpted Keepsake Box

Willow Tree hand-painted sculpted Keepsake Box, Friendship

Small and sweet keepsake

Sentiment written inside box: ”Forever true, forever friends”.

$17.95 from Amazon Price: $17.95 as of 02-08-2019 15:56 CST

This keepsake box would make such a sweet gesture for any best friend, but especially a long-distance one. Inside, the bottom of each box reveals a message of love and friendship as a hidden discovery. This box would look great in any home or office. Additionally, your friend can use this box to hold small trinkets of their choice. All in all, this is a lovely gift idea!

Beautiful Bestie Flower Stainless Steel Travel Mug

Beautiful Bestie Flower Stainless Steel Travel Mug

High quality

Every time she reaches for this tumbler, she will think of you.

$18.99 from Amazon Price: $18.99 as of 02-08-2019 15:56 CST

This travel mug is perfect as a thank you for the person who makes your life easier all year ’round or just because you’re in the mood to give something to someone to make them smile. These make great gifts for the office, traveling, etc. Additionally, this vacuum insulated stainless steel travel mug is easy to snap open and closed. So, it’s leak-proof when sealed shut. All in all, this is a gift that will make someone smile!

Long-Distance Candle Gift

Long Distance Candle Gift

available in 2 size options

Comes ready to gift!

$24.00 from Amazon Price: $24.00 as of 02-08-2019 15:56 CST

A candle can definitely brighten someone’s day. With several scents to choose from, this personalized candle gift would make for a great gift for a long-distance bestie. Additionally, these candle are completely handmade and come ready to gift. Not to mention, you can select the gift box upgrade which will enhance this awesome gift idea even more. Overall, this would make for a great gift to show them how much you miss them!



Tea Drops, Instant Organic Pressed Tea Set

Tea Drops Instant Organic Pressed Teas

8 Tea Drops

Loose leaf tea without the fuss.

$14.99 from Amazon Price: $14.99 as of 02-08-2019 15:56 CST

This is a great gift for any tea lovers! Now you can bond over this delicious tea. Additionally, the 100% recyclable packaging protects each individually wrapped Tea Drops. This enables you to enjoy the perfect cup of tea on the go. Not to mention, the cardboard tea boxes are also 100% biodegradable and compostable. These Tea Drops morsels are shaped from finely ground organic tea, raw sugar, and spices. So, this eliminates the need for teabags and sweetener packet. They can also use the wooden Tea Drops box by using it as keepsake box, planter, or anything else their heart desires. All in all, this makes for a great gift!

Gift Basket – Spa Gift Set

Gift Basket - Spa Gift set

best-seller spa gift basket

Relaxation Gift Basket for your very special lady, sister!

$29.99 from Amazon Price: $29.99 as of 02-08-2019 15:56 CST

If you think of your long-distance BFF as your sister, or you have a sister, this is a great gift basket to send their way. This spa gift basket will make her feel like she is walking through a fresh rose garden in France. It includes a candle, lip balm, chocolate, bath salt and more! Additionally, the natural spa gift box comes wrapped with a beautiful artificial rose flower and twine and ready to give or mail it direct to your loved one. All in all, deep relaxation and lasting rejuvenation come together in this beautiful, natural, handmade French rose spa gift featuring all natural items.

“Soul Sister” Stoneware Engraved Coffee Mug

“Soul Sister” Stoneware Engraved Coffee Mug 16 oz Gray

Hand written messaging

Shipped in a decorative gift box .

$12.00 from Amazon Price: $12.00 as of 02-08-2019 15:56 CST

True soul sisters may not be connected by blood, but they are connected by something just as meaningful. This heartfelt 16 oz. stoneware coffee mug from Our Name is Mud features engraved and hand-drawn script lettering on the mug and front and back messaging. This coffee mug is simple, yet says so much. This 16 ounce gray mug is beautiful and comes with sentimental thoughts written on it. Additionally, there are different options for you to choose from with the writings. All in all, this simple and unique gift would be a great idea for any long-distance friend!

Best Friends Matching T-shirts

Best Friends Matching T-shirts

Casual Tees

Great shirt to match with your friends or that special one in your life!

$17.99 from Amazon Price: $17.99 as of 02-08-2019 15:56 CST

Are you the peanut butter or the jelly? With these fun and cute T-shirts, you and your long-distance friend can feel close without being together. Additionally, this comfortable material is made of a soft cotton blend and polyester. Not to mention, this would make a cute Halloween costume or just everyday shirt. All you have to do is decide who is the peanut butter and who is the jelly!

Seed Wishes in Hand Blown Glass Pendant Wish Necklace

Seed Wishes in Hand Blown Glass Pendant Wish Necklace

A great reminder

Real dandelion seeds inside that were hand picked and dried.

$21.00 from Amazon Price: $21.00 as of 02-08-2019 15:56 CST

This is a special necklace for a special person. These necklaces have hand-picked and dried dandelion seeds inside. Additionally, the simple, minimalist long silver necklaces makes it the perfect addition to any outfit and a great conversation starter. Not to mention, the gift box and sweet “Make a Wish” card included make this necklace easy for gift giving. All in all, this is a great gift idea!



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