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It can be overwhelming to decorate a home, especially if you have just moved in and don’t know where to start. That’s where these pieces come in. Some are functional and other are just plain fun. All you need is one piece to tie a whole room together. Whether you are looking to change up your home design or looking for a unique and fun gift, this list has different items for a variety of tastes.


Metal and Marble Tic Tac Toe Game

Charismatic Metal And Marble Tic Tac Toe Game

marble game set of tic tac toe

Modern twist on the classic game.

$57.67 from Amazon Price: $57.67 as of 11-18-2018 21:00 CST

First up, a metal and marble tic tac toe game will bring an element of fun to any modern space. The gold pieces fit inside the marble beautifully. The style suits a contemporary feel. Not to mention, it can be used to actually play the classic game. In short, this would make a unique gift for someone who takes a liking to present day style with a classic twist.


Gold Unicorn Piggy Bank

Baby Unicorn - Cool Unicorn Piggy Bank


Add a magical touch to any modern space, big or small.

$40.00 from Amazon Price: $40.00 as of 11-18-2018 21:00 CST

How cute is this unicorn piggy bank? First off, it appears to be an elegant balloon animal. Hence, it gives a fantastical modern style to any bedroom or living room shelf. Not to mention, it’s also a piggy bank. So, you can store your loose change in this stylish bank. All that change will add up to something. Give this as a fun birthday or holiday gift. Additionally, this item comes in five different colors, including gold, purple, and silver.


White Ceramic Flower Pot Garden Planters

White Ceramic Flower Pot Garden Planters


This set of eccentric planters is a statement piece for all homes.

$32.99 from Amazon Price: $32.99 as of 11-18-2018 21:00 CST

These ceramic flower pots have such a contemporary essence. The white with gold and grey accents give these planters a sleek and clean feel. Additionally, these planters are great for indoor and outdoor use. Make sure your plants look as chic as the rest of your home. All in all, pots like these will stand out from other plant pots and will complement your home style. The great gift for a friend with a green thumb!


Round Cut Out Pattern Decorative Tray

Kate and Laurel Caspen Round Cut Out Pattern Decorative Tray with Gold Metal Handles


Decorative contemporary tray with gold metal handles will be an elegant accent piece in your home.

$45.55 from Amazon Price: $45.55 as of 11-18-2018 21:00 CST

Sometimes, you just need a decorative tray. This round cut out pattern decorative tray is great to hold any other accent pieces you want in your home. Place a candle and your television remotes on it. Or, try your favorite mug and some unopened tea bags for a calm aesthetic. As for giving this as a gift, it would be great for someone who has a modern style and tends to have unique pieces in their home. Furthermore, they can place those pieces on this tray for a personal style.


Hanging Planter

Umbra Trigg Hanging Planter


Trigg is the original geometric vessel with a simple, elegant design that adds a contemporary decorative touch to any indoor space.

$19.70 from Amazon Price: $19.70 as of 11-18-2018 21:00 CST

Who knew plants could hang in such a stylish way? Nothing says contemporary likes geometric shapes and marble. These hanging planters are a great way to breath new life into any room. Additionally, you can have multiple planters that will create a unique shape and design on your wall. Also, these planters come in brass, copper, and nickel styles. Certainly, you can find the one that fits your or your friend’s home / office style.



Dublin Home Decor Tray and Orb Balls

Dublin Home Decor Tray and Orbs Balls


This Decorative Tray & Orb Ball Set Spruces Up Any Room with A Rusting Charm.

$29.99 from Amazon Price: $29.99 as of 11-18-2018 21:00 CST

Is your modern style on the more serious side? Take a look at this decorative tray with orb balls. The dark brown color will bring a sense of calm and complement any lighter color furniture in the room. Additionally, the tray has bottom protectors to guard your table against scratches. Also, the balls have special holes in them to prevent rolling. If you would like to give these as a gift, this product comes in a great gift box which makes it easy for wrapping.


Large Silver 3D Frame-less Wall Clock

Large Silver 3D Frame-less Wall Clock

Stylish and modern clock.

Runs calm and smoothly. The high-quality large wall clock engine provides an accurate and smooth run you like to see all day in your living room.

$17.69 from Amazon Price: $17.69 as of 11-18-2018 21:00 CST

This frame-less wall clock would be so cool in a living room or office space! For example, if you been trying to figure out what to do with all that empty space on your wall, try this clock out. This piece is certainly an eye-catcher. Additionally, you can adjust the spacing of the pieces to your personal preference. So, this piece will look great on any wall with its sleek silver look.

Three Marble Flame-less Pillar Candles

3 Marble Flameless Pillar Candles

a warm white glow

This candle set is ideal for enhancing tabletop surfaces or adding to a mantle display.

$27.99 from Amazon Price: $27.99 as of 11-18-2018 21:00 CST

Now, these candles definitely have a contemporary feel without the concerns of real candles. These flame-less pillar candles have a marble design and light up with the push of a remote button. This set features three candles with a warm LED light to mimic a real candle’s flame. It also comes with a remote as well as batteries. So, don’t worry about leaving an open flame unattended or wax melting everywhere. Certainly this holiday season, flame-less candles are the way to go.

White Carrara Marble Coasters

White Carrara Marble Coasters

Classy, elegant high quality

Hexagon 4

$25.99 from Amazon Price: $25.99 as of 11-18-2018 21:00 CST

Next up, modern marble coasters will protect your table and look great with your room’s style. This set comes with five coasters and a bamboo holder. Additionally, these would make a classy and elegant holiday or birthday gift. These coasters hold most cups and drinking glasses. So, you’ll be able to put these contemporary coasters out to make your table look great.

Marble Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser

Marble Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser


Give presence this holiday and Christmas season with a gift that will bring joy, mindfulness, and wellness to your loved ones throughout the new year.

$34.99 from Amazon Price: $34.99 as of 11-18-2018 21:00 CST

If you like decor that is also functional, try out this oil diffuser. This marble diffuser is great for wellness and will look great in your home. Grab your favorite essential oil, fill the diffuser with water and the oil, turn on the diffuser, and get ready for some wonderful scents. Additionally, this product has optional ambient lighting and a convenient auto-timer. Not only does it come with these features, but it also has high and low mist modes. So, you can control how much moisture is in the air. Certainly, this makes for a holiday or birthday gift.



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