Check out this list of gift ideas for Starbucks Lovers!

Know anyone who has loves Starbucks coffee? We’ve got a list of gift suggestions that would be great for that person who buys coffee everyday. From gift sets to mugs, this list may have the perfect gift idea!


Simple Logo Mug

Starbucks Logo Mug, 14oz

Glossy white finish

$13.95 from Amazon Price: $13.95 as of 02-01-2019 20:12 CST

Sometimes, simple is better. This simple Starbucks logo mug will make them feel like they have their favorite coffee shop at home. With a glossy white finish, the renowned coffee shop’s logo is prominent on the front. When they take this mug to work, everyone will know where they’d rather be. Additionally, you can choose from the single mug or a set of four. Whichever you choose, they will love this clean and simple look in their kitchen, home, or office!

Starbucks Reserve Mug

Starbucks Reserve Mug - Charcoal, 16 Fl Oz

Every detail matters.

Starbucks searches the world for coffee and designs great mugs to hold that coffee.

$41.99 from Amazon Price: $41.99 as of 02-01-2019 20:12 CST

This elegant reserve mug is beautiful in its charcoal color and unique shape. Even if they aren’t a morning person, they can use this mug to pour their favorite coffee. This mug holds the essence of Starbucks coffee shops and they will certainly love such a thoughtful and functional gift!

Costco Double-Wall Tumblers

Costco Starbucks 2-pc. 20-oz Double-Wall Acrylic tumblers with Straws

Tumblers to go

$28.98 from Amazon Price: $28.98 as of 02-01-2019 20:12 CST

Double-wall tumblers are very popular these days as they keep cold drinks cold. These tumblers do just that but with a hint of our favorite coffee shop. With the logo on the front, the clear nature of this tumbler will look like they actually just stopped at the chain. Additionally, you can add a gift card to make this a really cool gift set. Certainly, they will love this simple and functional gift they will be able to take while on-the-go!

California Delicious Coffee and Cocoa Gift

California Delicious Starbucks Coffee and Cocoa Gift

Variety of items for Starbucks lovers!

You can't go wrong with this gift set!

$43.04 from Amazon Price: $43.04 as of 02-01-2019 20:12 CST

Everyone loves a great goodie basket! This is the basket for the Starbucks coffee lover in your life. You can’t go wrong with a classic gift of delicious coffee and cocoa. This coffee gift holds two mugs. So, they can have a mug of coffee and a mug of cocoa at the same time. Not to mention, this delicious gift also includes walker’s shortbread medallions and shortbread fingers, gingerbread biscotti and caramel wafer. All and all, you can give someone the best of both worlds with this coffee and cocoa gift.

Mugs, Sweets, Cocoa, and Coffee Gift Basket

Starbucks Mugs, Sweets, Cocoa, and Coffee Gift Basket

Savor the sweet, deep flavor of Starbucks' Caffe Verona Italian Roast ground coffee.

The gifts come in a Starbucks graphic tree design tapered bin with a red Grosgrain ribbon.

$49.99 from Amazon Price: $49.99 as of 02-01-2019 20:12 CST

Up next is another gift basket has even more options for your gift recipient! Delight the coffee and chocolate lover in your life with this gift basket. A pair of 11.9-ounce Starbucks tapered mugs make the perfect on-the-go companions. Additionally, they can savor the sweet, deep flavor of the Caffe Verona Italian Roast ground coffee. Not to mention, the basket is rich with chocolatey delights, including Lindt Lindor milk chocolate truffles, double chocolate cocoa, and peppermint cocoa. The gift basket concludes with caramel wafer, Teavana Jade Citrus mint tea, and a Walkers Shortbread chocolate chip cookie. Overall, the gifts come in a graphic tree design tapered bin with a red Grosgrain ribbon, ready for gifting!



Glass and Travel Cup Home and Away Gift Set

Starbucks Glass & Travel Cup Home and Away Gift Set

Makes a great gift!

Starbucks Special Home & Away Gift Set of Two

$44.95 from Amazon Price: $44.95 as of 02-01-2019 20:12 CST

This gift set is not like the rest. Its presentation is simple and great for people on-the-go. The reusable travel cup has a beautiful design and is better for the environment. Not to mention, this item is microwave safe and top-rack dishwasher safe. Additionally, the clear cafe glass has the logo etched into the front for a classy look. Overall, this gift set is thoughtful and will impress your gift receiver. Or, treat yourself and get this cute set for your mornings and afternoons.

Set of 2 Soy Candles from Reclaimed Bottles

Set of 2 Scented Soy Candles Starbucks Reclaimed Bottle

100 % Soy Candle

Perfect gift for Coffee lovers.

$32.00 from Amazon Price: $32.00 as of 02-01-2019 20:12 CST

Now, this is a pretty unique gift idea for those who love candles and coffee. These bottles are carefully selected and cut. Due to the irregularities of the glass wall on each bottle, they go through an extensive sanding process to smooth out the top. Then, they are cleaned before they are turned into vessels for these unique eco-friendly soy candles. Additionally, the scents are selected considering the environment and customers and are phthalates-free fragrances. So, get them something they can use that will remind them of their favorite coffee store!

Disney’s Magic Kingdom Mug

Disney's Magic Kingdom V2 2017 Version You Are Here Starbucks Mug

Park Exclusive

Perfect for Starbucks and Disney lovers!

$69.95 from Amazon Price: $69.95 as of 02-01-2019 20:12 CST

Know a die hard Starbucks fan? Or do they like collecting all of the ”You are here” mugs? Well, this is the perfect gift for them. This magical mug will light up anyone’s day. Additionally, these are dishwasher and microwave safe. Not to mention, this mug comes in a box that is easily wrap-able. So, you won’t have to worry about wrapping a unique shape and can focus more on the gift reaction. All in all, they will love this thoughtful and magical gift!

Frappuchino, Mocha

Starbucks Frappuccino, Mocha, 15 Count

Great for taking on the go

A delicious blend of coffee, milk and rich, chocolaty taste.

$16.14 from Amazon Price: $16.14 as of 02-01-2019 20:12 CST

If you can’t take them to a local Starbucks, these Frappuchino drinks are the next best thing. Maybe you’ve got an office full of Starbuck’s lovers. With this 15 count of mocha-flavored Frappuchino drinks, you can give the gift of happiness to a large group. Or, give this as a large gift to the person who loves these drinks. This set includes a delicious, low fat, creamy blend of coffee, milk, and rich chocolaty or vanilla taste. All in all, this makes for a great gift idea!

Gift Card

Starbucks Gift Card

It's a great way to treat a friend.

A Starbucks Card is Always Welcome.

$25.00 from Amazon Price: $25.00 as of 02-01-2019 20:12 CST

When you don’t know what to get or are worried about picking out the right gift, gift cards are the best solution. When you give a gift card, they can grab a morning coffee on the way to start their day or have an afternoon pick-me-up. With stores around the globe, the company is the premier roaster and retailer of specialty coffee in the world. This would also be a great item to pair with another item from this list to make a gift set!




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