Take a peek at these items for any person who loves to bake!

From making sweets out of the box or even homemade, we have gathered a list of items to help the process of baking along. So, you get to enjoy more of baking’s benefits. Whether you love whipping up some treats for the people you love or you are trying to find the right gift for someone who does, this list will guide you on the path to more delicious treats in the future.


Non-Skid Mixing Bowls, Set of 3 White Stainless Steel

Non-Skid Mixing Bowls, Set of 3 White Stainless Steel

Curved interior ideal to mix dough, fold batters, and much more.

Three nesting bowls with brushed stainless steel interiors and plastic exteriors retain temperatures for mixing, marinating and chilling, while also protecting your hands from extreme temps when serving.

$99.99 from Macy's

Any person that likes to bake needs a nice set of mixing bowls to compile all of their ingredients. This set of stainless steel white mixing bowls from OXO comes with a lifetime warranty and over 90% of customers recommend these mixing bowls.   The set includes three nesting bowls with exteriors that retain temperature. The bottoms of these bowls are non-skid which means no more huge batter spilling disasters in the kitchen because the bowl will stay put. These bowls hold 1.5, 3, and 5 quarts and are dishwasher safe.

Nonstick Donut Pan

Nonstick Donut Pan

Yummy alternative to fried donuts

A Martha Stewart Collection pan, featuring a non-stick surface that helps a dozen goodies slide out.

$14.99 from Macy's

A twist on the normal cupcake pan, this Martha Stewart Collection pan is specifically for baking donuts! The pan is carbon steel and is definitely dishwasher safe. Give this pan as a gift to the ultimate baker in your life. Or, make some doughnuts yourself and throw a doughnut decorating party. Have decorating supplies out on a table and let your party-goers do the rest. Just don’t forget to treat yourself and eat the decorated doughnuts too, of course!

Cookie Press with Storage Case

Cookie Press with Storage Case

Great for decorating holiday cookies

With 12 different stainless steel cookie disks—from daisy to butterfly to bear to snowflake—this cookie press instantly expands your baking repertoire.

$49.99 from Macy's

Up next is a super cool baking gadget for the savvy baker. Load this cookie press up with dough, choose your design, and get to baking those cookies! This press comes with 12 different design disks including daisy, butterfly, tree, and wreath. This means you can make cookies all year round. Maybe you want to home – make some cookies for your coworkers, but don’t have the time to individually cut each cookie. With this press, you’ll have a dozen baked in no time. Honestly, this cookie press is a must have when it comes to holiday baking.

Pro 5-Piece Nonstick Bakeware

Pro 5-Pc. Nonstick Bakeware

Get your kitchen off to a great start.

You'll have everything you need for the basics from muffins in the morning to meatloaf at night.

$59.99 from Macy's

Everyone has to start somewhere. This five piece baking set is the perfect way to become a baking champion. This set comes with a muffin pan, two cake pans, a loaf pan, and a baking sheet. All of the pieces are dishwasher safe, nonstick, and come with four recipes to give some inspiration in the kitchen. With a no-stick exterior, this set will be easy to clean and it is the best gift for someone who is starting up their kitchen for the first time. You can spend more time devouring some delicious treats rather than scraping and scrubbing dishes.

Colorvive 4-Piece Bakeware Set

Colorvive 4-Pc. Bakeware Set

Stylish look and performance

Bring a stylish look and performance to your kitchen with this Colorvive bakeware set from Farberware, a vivid collection of essentials you'll use every day.

$46.99 from Macy's

Do you know a baker with a colorful personality that needs a colorful set of bakeware? Well, this is item for you. This set includes one a cookie pan, a 9×13 cake pan, and two round cake pans. You can also choose from the colors red, purple, and copper. These pans are stainless steel, dishwasher safe, and 100% of reviewers recommend this set of pans. Find the color that matches any kitchen style!



Nonstick 12.5″ x 8″ Brooklyn Brownie Baking Pan

Nonstick 12.5

Brownies, pizza, and more!

You just have to mix your batter right inside the pan, insert the brownie grid, and slide it into the oven.

$28.99 from Macy's

When it comes to baking, cookies sometimes get all of the credit. We want to take a moment to recognize the beauty that are brownies. Now, making brownies just got one step easier. This pan allows for individual baking of brownies in the same pan. Not only does it make sweet treats, but you can also bake pizza and savory appetizers. Needless to say, you could bake for a whole party using just one pan. Less dishes = happy bakers. These pans are very durable as they are made from aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium. They are also dishwasher safe.


Perfect Slice Cookie Sheet with Cutting Tool

Perfect Slice Cookie Sheet with Cutting Tool

Unique patented guideline grid

The unique patented guideline grid around the outer edges of every pan allows you to simply line up an exclusive Perfect Slice cutting tool, and press down to create any portion size desired.

$49.99 from Macy's

Another pan that is making baking more simple, this product comes with a cookie cutter and grid lines that are perfect for measuring out the right size cookies, pizza slices, and so much more. Plus, the cutting tool is silicone and it will not damage the pan.


Cookin’ Italy Cake Pan Set

Cookin' Italy Cake Pan Set

Multi-layer non-stick coatings for effortless food release

A rich cheesecake or fruity tart slides out with this Cookin' Italy set from Ballarini.

$50.00 from Macy's

These pans are the perfect gift for any chef that likes to make cheesecakes or fruit tarts. Each dessert slides out with these nonstick pans which are made in Italy. They are dishwasher safe and are made to ensure even baking. This set also comes with a pastry brush. Give this set to the person who tries a new cheesecake every week, perfecting the recipe. Or maybe give it to the person who wants to delve into the world of tarts and cheesecakes.


Pyrex 18-Piece Set

Pyrex 18-Piece Set

Bake, mix or serve!

The set includes bakers, mixing bowls and more, all with lids for storage or transport.

$69.99 from Macy's

Baking dishes, mixing bowls, storage bowls, and more! There is very little this set from Pyrex does not have. All are dishwasher safe, refrigerator safe, and microwave safe. You can bake up a storm and deliver all of those sweet to loved ones for the holidays. You can even store leftover meals from dinner the night before. The possibilities are endless with this set of glass containers. Not to mention, these lids lock, minimizing spills and messes in the kitchen.


Easy Grab 3-Quart Covered Baking Dish

Easy Grab 3-Qt. Covered Baking Dish

Bring out your baking best.

This versatile glass dish is the perfect place to prep, cook, store & reheat your favorite creations. The Easy Snap Lid™ helps to lock in freshness when you're storing leftovers & larger servings!

$16.99 from Macy's

This glassware dish is great for baking and carrying over treat to a friend’s house or even making casseroles for the next day. This dish comes with a lid for storage. Give this to the baker who loves to store up their baked goods and need to cover them. The durable quality and locking lid make this product a no-brainer.



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