You will love these gift ideas for the wine enthusiast in your life!

It’s probably wine o’clock somewhere if you or someone you know is a wine enthusiast. This list may give you a few ideas on what to give this holiday season. Or, you can nudge family and friends this direction so they know how to make it the best gift season ever. Sit back, grab your favorite glass, and take a look at these cool products!


Le Chateau Wine Decanter

Le Chateau Wine Decanter


Free your wine from the grasp of an air restricting bottle by letting it flow.

$39.95 from Amazon Price: $39.95 as of 11-03-2018 19:13 CST

A decanter would make a great wine gift because it will oxygenate the wine, giving it a rich aroma and flavor. When the wine runs down the glass, it is only enhanced by the air. Hence, this makes for a even better taste experience. With this decanter, there is a good amount of surface area and a wide base to truly allow the wine to breathe. The hand blown glass will add an elegant touch to any room. The easy pour slanted spout makes for less spills and drips.


Absorbent Drink Coasters

4 Absorbent Drink Coasters


High quality absorbent ceramic stone that can literally 'drink' spills or beads of condensation from a chilled glass.

$13.79 from Amazon Price: $13.79 as of 11-03-2018 19:13 CST

Know someone who loves wine and dogs? This is the perfect gift for them. These absorbent drink coasters are made from a special high quality ceramic stone that can soak up condensation from chilled drinks. This means the furniture surrounding the wine or other type of drinking glass will be protected from water stains. Plus, these coasters have a cork backing to provide an extra grip so your drink won’t slide. These cute dogs and with little wine glasses are sure to put a smile on any wine-lover’s face.


Bruno Bianci Insulated Wine Glasses with Lid

Bruno Bianci Insulated Wine Glasses with Lid, Stemless Outdoor Cups


Don’t let the restriction of breakable glass get in the way of enjoying wine in the great outdoors.

$59.95 from Amazon Price: $59.95 as of 11-03-2018 19:13 CST

These wine glasses would be a great gift for the wine enthusiast who loves the outdoors. These wine tumblers are stainless steel and impact resistant. They come with lids to keep out little critters and to minimize spills. Plus, these tumblers are designed to keep beverages chilled with the built-in insulation. Certainly, you can give this set as a birthday or holiday gift so your wine enthusiast can get to traveling and adventuring in the great outdoors with their favorite drink.


Elegant Hand Made Wine Glass Charms

Elegant Good Quality Hand Made Wine Glass Charms

Add some sparkle and shine to your glass

Elegant and stylish bracelet-looking charms are perfect decorations for Christmas, party, birthdays or wedding dinner tables.

$12.99 from Amazon Price: $12.99 as of 11-03-2018 19:13 CST

At parties, it’s easy to get drinks mixed up. Especially if they are all wine glasses that look the same. But, with these beautiful handmade wine charms, there is no such thing as drink mix-ups. Each set of these elegant wine charms comes with four charms in the colors blue, pink, red, and black. Additionally, these charms have an easy to use hook which allows for glasses to be quickly and easily identifiable. If you are looking for a small and elegant gift, give these charms a try!


Spot Not Wine and Champagne Glass Dryer

Spot Not Wine and Champagne Glass Dryer


The Spot Not has petals that adjust to fit the size of the glass you're drying - from the narrowest flute to a large cabernet glass.

$19.98 from Amazon Price: $19.98 as of 11-03-2018 19:13 CST

This product might be something we all need. There are some glasses that are just too difficult to dry because of their shape. Glasses can be cleaned quickly and easily with this Spot Not product. The Spot Not has petals that adjust to the size of the glass. So, this means you don’t have to stick a paper towel down in the glass and hope it catches everything. Plus, this product comes with a washable micro-fiber cloth that stays on the end of the Spot Not to dry the glass. So, this is a great gift for easy clean-ups!



Bowling Pin Wine Bottle Opener

Bowling Pin - Wine Bottle Opener


This automatic wine opener will open 30 bottles on a single charge. Single charge takes about 12 hours.

$29.99 from Amazon Price: $29.99 as of 11-03-2018 19:13 CST

Now, this product is fun and functional. The Bowling Pin wine bottle opener will have a bottle of wine open in no time. With the press of a button, the bottle opener will remove the cork from a wine bottle. Then, with another push, it will release the cork. So, you are left with an open bottle of wine and a cool conversation piece. This is great for people who love bowling and having a nice glass of wine too!

Unbreakable Wine Glasses

4 Pack Unbreakable Wine Glasses


Perfect for outdoor picnics & camping and around the pool, patio, or boat. Anywhere that you do not want broken glass.

$11.49 from Amazon Price: $11.49 as of 11-03-2018 19:13 CST

These may look like normal stemless wine glasses. Actually, they are made of co-polyester. This a stronger and shatter resistant plastic. It means your wine enthusiast will be able to throw a party without having to worry about cleaning up broken glass at the end of the night. These are perfect for the holiday season when parties and get-togethers are a regular occasion.

Wine Bottle Protector Travel Bag

Wine Bottle Protector Travel Bag


This wine bags are 100% REUSABLE which means you SAVE MONEY on every travel and have peace of mind all the way.

$15.95 from Amazon Price: $15.95 as of 11-03-2018 19:13 CST

Know a “wino” that likes to travel? Get them this wine bottle protector bag. With a cute design on the front, these bags fit any bottle shape and size. The outside is tough and strong to protect from bumps and scratches while the inside is soft and protective too. They are made from high quality and durable materials. So, you can be sure you are getting a functional and stylish gift.


Ullo Wine Purifier with Hand Blown Carafe

Ullo Wine Purifier with Hand Blown Carafe


Purifies any Wine by Removing Sulfites and Sediment. Aerates Selectively with on/off Aerator Switch.

$129.99 from Amazon Price: $129.99 as of 11-03-2018 19:13 CST

Looking for a fancy and smart product for your wine enthusiast? This wine purifier is pretty cool. It removes sulfites from wine which are preservatives added to the wine. But, they are no longer needed once the wine is open. It comes with filters so you can be sure the sulfites are removed each time. Plus, this product has an aerator switch, if you choose to aerate the wine. All in all, the hand blown glass carafe would look elegant in any room.


Wine Bottle and Glass Cork Cage Caddy

Wine Bottle & Glass Cork Cage Caddy

Great for collecting and saving your wine bottle corks

Made with durable steel and has a dar brown finish. This cork collector holds up to 60 corks.

$35.99 from Amazon Price: $35.99 as of 11-03-2018 19:13 CST

Whew, after drinking all that wine, your wine enthusiast will need a place to store their wine corks. Why not store them with this cute caddy? This set is in the shape of a wine bottle and wine glass. But, there are other options to choose from, like a hermit crab, pumpkin, snowman, and more. Additionally, each cork collector holds corks and makes for a great conversation piece. With the different options, each caddy could be rotated throughout the year. So, this depends on the preference of the wine enthusiast in your life!



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