Gift Guide: Always Hot Edition

“It’s so hot in here.” “Can we turn the air on?” “OMG I’m burning up.” These are probably things you listen to on a daily basis if you’re around someone who is always hot. Tired of listening to these statements over and over? Well, you’re in luck! This list of gifts is perfect for people who are always hot.


Frogg Toggs Cooling Wrap

Frogg Toggs Cooling Wrap

2 Pack

These chilly pads aren't for the frogs!

$9.49 from Amazon Price: $9.49 as of 03-02-2019 05:18 CST

These are a must have for anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors in the hot summer months! The Frogg Toggs Chilly Mini personal cooling neck wraps are made from hyper-evaporative material which is perfect for staying cool. All you have to do is wet it, wrap it around your neck, and you’re on your way to cool, soft comfort. It absorbs sweat and cools up to 30 degrees to keep you comfortable during a tough workout, a rough climb, hard run, or any strenuous indoor or outdoor activity! It’s a perfect gift.


Cooling and Heating Seat Cushion

Cooling and Heating Seat Cushion


Perfect for your car, home, or office!

$53.99 from Amazon Price: $53.99 as of 03-02-2019 05:18 CST

You need this seat cushion in your car all year round! In the cold winter months you can utilize the dual zone rapid heating with soothing heat therapy on you back and seat. Meanwhile, in the hot summer months these seats feature the cool function ventilation and moisture management for your body. It even has a special ventilation layer and cooling layer that battles the heat with breathable, quick dry 3D mesh to keep you cool and dry. It’s the perfect gift that can be used all year round.

Mini iPhone Fans

Mini iPhone Fans

4 pack

Cool off wherever your phone is! (we know you have it on you at all times)

$11.99 from Amazon Price: $11.99 as of 03-02-2019 05:18 CST

Take this fan with you wherever you go! (because we know you take your phone with you EVERYWHERE you go) These mini iPhone fans feature a rotatable fan with safety soft foam blades. It’s perfect for keeping you just a little cooler on hot days. It has low power consumption, so it doesn’t drain all of your battery! Take it on the go with you no matter where you are on those hot summer days. This 4 pack is a perfect gift for anyone who is always hot.


Dyson Bladeless Tower Fan

Dyson Bladeless Tower Fan

AM07 Dyson

This fan is perfect for any room, home, or office.

$189.99 from Amazon Price: $189.99 as of 03-02-2019 05:18 CST

This fan is both fun and functional! The Dyson fan use Air Multiplier technology to create a powerful bladeless stream of uninterrupted airflow. Additionally, it features a sleep timer that can be programmed to turn off after a preset amount of time. It even has a remote control that can control the speed, the sleep timer, and oscillation. It’s extremely quiet and easy to clean, which is just the cherry on top of a perfect fan.


Slush and Shake Maker

Slush and Shake Maker


Make a cool and refreshing beverage in only 7 minutes.

$22.63 from Amazon Price: $22.63 as of 03-02-2019 05:18 CST

Where has this been our whole life?! The Zoku Slush and Shake Maker can make refreshing slushies, milkshakes, frozen alcoholic drinks, healthy fruit smoothies, and more in as little 7 minutes right on your countertop! All you have to do is freeze the inner core for 8+ hours, remove and place it in to the outer cup, pour in your ingredients, mix and scrape the cup with the included spoon, and watch as the slush freezes before your eyes. It’s something fun and refreshing for the whole family or any party.



Cooling Gel and Memory Foam Pillow

Cooling Gel and Memory Foam Pillow

Double Sided; Orthopedic Support

Get a cool night's sleep every night!

$25.00 from Amazon Price: $25.00 as of 03-02-2019 05:18 CST

We need a set of these for our beds ASAP! These pillows are a must have for those people who always wake up hot in the middle of the night. This reversible cool gel and memory foam pillow features a cool gel layer on one side for those for warm nights and memory foam on the other side for cooler nights. The cool gel memory foam regulates temperature, disperses heat, and promotes airflow that keeps you comfortable all night. It’s the best of both worlds! 


Outdoor Mist Cooling System

Outdoor Mist Cooling System

Orbit 20066

Enjoy your outdoor space while staying cool and comfortable.

$11.76 from Amazon Price: $11.76 as of 03-02-2019 05:18 CST

Okay, why haven’t we been using this our whole life?! This 10 inch Portable Preassembled Mist Cooling Kit provides relief from the heat wherever you need it! This preassembled kit provides 10 inches of mist cooling and cools the surrounding air temperatures by up to 20° F! All you have to do is attach the convenient clips to an umbrella, awning, fence, or anything else and connect a standard garden hose to immediately experience the benefit of mist cooling! It’s everything you need to enjoy your outdoor space without having a heat stroke.

Bed Cooling Fan

Bed Cooling Fan

BedJet V2 Climate Comfort

Stay cool and comfortable while you sleep.

$369.00 from Amazon Price: $369.00 as of 03-02-2019 05:18 CST

WE. ARE. OBSESSED. Start sleeping cool and comfortable with this cooling and heating system right in your own bed. It works on any size bed so it’s sure to be a perfect match no matter what. The program features custom heating or cooling profiles for every hour of the night. You can even ditch your annoying alarm clock because this fan features a temperature wake up setting. This is the perfect gift for people who wake up in the middle of the night sweating. The powered ventilation cooling instantly wicks body heat and moisture out of the bed for incredible cooling relief.

Dr. Scholl’s UltraCool Inserts

Dr. Scholl's UltraCool Inserts

Comfort and Energy

Keep your feet cool and comfortable all day.

$10.30 from Amazon Price: $10.30 as of 03-02-2019 05:18 CST

Keep your feet cool and comfortable all day long with these Dr. Scholl’s UltraCool Inserts. These inserts are specifically designed for people who experience discomfort in their feet during the day. They even feature Odor-X technology, to help keep feet cool, comfortable, and odor free. The honeycomb design and breathable wicking top cloth promotes airflow to help your feet feel cooler. Just trim them to your desired size, slip them in your shoes, and you’re good to go! It’s a perfect gift for anyone, because who doesn’t want cool and comfortable feet?

Cooling Gel Eye Mask

Cooling Gel Eye Mask


Keep your cool face on.

$9.97 from Amazon Price: $9.97 as of 03-02-2019 05:18 CST

This cooling eye mask helps with a variety of problems! Not only does it cool your face, but it’s also good for alleviating headaches and preventing black under eyes and puffiness. All you have to do is refrigerate it for a set amount of time, and you’re good to go! It’s the perfect thing to add to your bed time night routine.



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