Calling all pet lovers!

Nowadays we don’t have pets… we have furry family members! We love our pets so much and we want them to have everything they need. Our list of pet supplies your furry friend will love is here to help! This list is full of items that are useful for both you and your pet.


Dog Treat Bag

Dog Treat Bag

4-Way Wear Pouch with Drawstring Closure

Keep all your treats and essentials close and convenient with this treat bag!

$32.00 from Macy's

Walk your pupper with ease with this convenient all in one bag that has everything you need. This dog treat bag features adjustable shoulder straps, multiple compartments, an easy to clean design, and a built-in waste bag dispenser. It allows you to have you everything you need at the tips of your fingers while walking or training your pet. It even has room for your phone, money, and keys so your hands will be free! Did we mention how easy clean up is? No one likes old treat crumbs in the bottom of their bag. This dog treat bag features an interior lining that pulls out so you can easily clean out treat crumbs and debris. It has practically everything you could need while taking your pet out.


Petcube Camera and Treat Dispenser

Petcube Camera and Treat Dispenser

PetBites Wi-Fi Pet Camera and Treat Dispenser

Your pet is never far away with this product that allows you to visit your pet while you're away from home.

$249.99 from Macy's

Keep your pet in the palm of your hand while you’re away. Your pet is never far from you even if you’re away when this WiFi camera from PetBites is in your home. It streams HD video and also includes two-way audio. An app lets you dispense treats throughout the day. This is definitely a game changer. It’s like you never left home! You can watch and listen to your dog or cat, take pictures, record video, or even throw them a treat! You can even set a timer on the treats. The app is available on both iOS and Android. Although it’s technically a pet camera, you could also use it as a little bit of home security or to check on your kids or a pet sitter.

Oatmeal Pet Wipes

Oatmeal Pet Wipes

Chasing Boxer

Freshen up between pet washes.

$8.00 from Macy's

Keep your furry friend fresh and clean with these oatmeal scented pet wipes. We know sometimes adventures can get messy so it’s good to be prepared. These wipes will give your pet the gentle cleansing of oatmeal between baths with these wipes from Chasing Baxter, in a resealable container that helps keep them fresh. This pack has 72 wipes so it should last your furry friend a while!

Schwann Rascal Bike Pet Trailer

Bike Pet Trainer

Schwann Rascal

Take your pet with you everywhere you go!

$124.01 from Walmart

Take your furry friend with you everywhere you go with the convenient Schwinn Rascal Pet Trailer. Leashing your pet to your bike handlebars can be dangerous for everyone. So, the Schwinn Pet Trailer offers an alternative that makes everyone safer and happier! Take your pooch on a casual neighborhood ride, or pack up the trailer with tennis balls, a water dish and treats and you’re ready to go to the park. There’s even a rear doggy door to make sure your little friend can get in and out easily. This will be your pet’s new favorite activity!

Kitty Shack

Kitty Shack

2-in-1 Tube Cat Mat and Bed

Let your kitty feel warm and cozy with this 2-in-1 set.

$12.22 from Walmart

This cozy kitty shack accessory is the best of both worlds! It can be used as a tube bed, or a mat! It’s the perfect 2-in-1. Zip it up and you have a tube bed that’s comfy, warm, and cozy for your kitty. Cats love hiding, playing and lounging in the tunnel design. Unzip in seconds from a tube bed to a full size cat mat! The electrostatic plush material attracts shedding hair to keep furniture fresh and clean. This is a must-have for any cat owner. It’s affordable, practical, and it will be the purrr-fect spot for your kitty.


Portable Pet Water Dispenser

Portable Pet Water Dispenser

Compact Travel Water Dispenser

Rehydrate your furry friend anywhere you go!

$8.99 from Walmart

This portable pet water dispenser is a game changer! This product allows you to give your pet fresh water where ever you go. Take water that you know is clean and safe so you can eliminate the risk of harmful bacteria from public fountains, lakes, or streams. The compact, portable water dispenser makes your adventures a little easier. Simply snap the bottle upright into the tray and squeeze the bottle to dispense water into the tray for your pet to drink. It even includes a convenient belt clip and carrying strap. You like to drink water while you workout, so treat your furry friend to some water while they’re exploring, too!


Slow Chow Feeder

Slow Chow Feeder

TarHong Medallion Medium White Feeder

Make sure your furry friend gets a healthy balanced meal.

$17.99 from Macy's

Help your furry friends slow down at mealtime with the ridged design of TarHong’s Slow Chow medallion feeding dish. The ridge and maze design helps to prevent bloat, regurgitation, and obesity by slowing down the eating process. It’s also dishwasher and microwave safe. We wouldn’t want to scarf down our food as fast as we can, so why let our pets? This Slow Chow feeding dish will help our furry friends be happy and healthy at mealtimes.

Cooling Pet Collar

Cooling Pet Collar


Keep your pet cool and comfortable with this cooling leash!

$20.00 from Macy's

Your pet will be wagging their tails for days when they experience this collar. Velcro tabs make this PETMAKER collar easy to fasten while its innovative cooling gel works off of their body heat to keep them cool and comfortable indoors or out. It is available in three different sizes: small, medium, and large. This will help keep your furry friend healthier and happier while making sure they don’t overheat.


Expandable Extra Tall Pet Gate

Extra Tall Expandable Pet Gate

Carlson Pet Products Metal Pet Gate

Help keep your pets in a designated space with this extra tall metal gate.

$23.99 from Walmart

This gate is perfect for anyone with both dogs and cats! If you’re in the market for a convenient, chew-proof way to contain your small or medium sized dogs, take a look at this expandable pet gate. It’s is made of an all-steel construction, stands 32 inches tall, and can be set up quickly. Perfect for keeping larger dogs out of certain areas while still allowing smaller dogs or cats to pass through. The pressurized gate system allows for a perfect fit in your doorway. And since it’s extra tall, it’s perfect for larger sized dogs. This is a must-have in households with multiple pets.



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