Make your vehicle tech-savvy with these modern accessories. 

The average American spends almost 300 hours in their car annually. So why not make it as modern and savvy as possible? You’ll be the favorite car pool vehicle with  all of your new accessories and trinkets. These items are great for everyone, but especially people who have an older or more standard ride. So, take a look at these modern car accessories.


Dual USB Port Charger

Dual USB Port

Adapter Charger

Fit it right in your cigarette lighter to make the most of your space.

$12.99 from Amazon Price: $12.99 as of 11-03-2018 18:48 CST

The compact size body makes this charging accessory blend perfectly with most car cigarette lighters and allows it to sit comfortably with the edge of the outlet. This adapter features a dual USB port so you’re able to charge multiple devices. No more fighting over who gets the charger! It even has a total power of 4.8A, which makes the charging speed up to 40% faster than conventional chargers. Certainly, this is a must for anyone who spends a good amount of time in their automobile, or the driver for your next road trip.


Cooling Car Set Cushions

Cooling Car Seat Cushion

Zone Tech

Keep your tush nice and cool.

$33.99 from Amazon Price: $33.99 as of 11-03-2018 18:48 CST

Everybody loves seat warmers! A lot of automobiles even come equipped with them nowadays. But if you’re from the south, you know that we could appreciate a nice and cool seat cooler in the summer. This seat cooler circulates air through the hundreds of tiny spaces throughout your car. So, instead of pockets of hot air turning your car into a sauna, this seat cushion puts a breezy, breathable layer between your body and your vehicle’s upholstery, leather, or vinyl. The cool air flows from the cushion absorbs body heat and reduces perspiration, providing a more comfortable ride during the miserably hot summer months. Certainly, it’s a perfect gift for people who are always hot and hate the heat.

Backup Camera Dash Cam

Backup Camera Dash Cam

Front and rear dual channel

Always be double sure before you back up.

$59.99 from Amazon Price: $59.99 as of 11-03-2018 18:48 CST

View your front camera, back camera, or both in split view to make sure you’re clear at all times! This 7 inch screen features an excellent 1080P resolution with 150-degree wide angle lens and a weatherproof rear cam. It helps you see and park as soon as the car is in reverse. All you have to do is fit it over your existing rear view mirror, install the cable inside the cabin of the vehicle, and plug into the cigarette lighter and you’re ready to go! Most important, it’s perfect for new drivers or older cars that don’t have backup cameras. Trust us, it makes parking a LOT easier.

Heated Travel Mug

Heated Travel Mug

Insulated, 12 V

Keep your coffee warm on your morning commute.

$14.89 from Amazon Price: $14.89 as of 11-03-2018 18:48 CST

This heated travel mug is one of our favorite car accessories! It takes the average American 26 minutes to commute to work nowadays. That sounds like a lot of time for your morning coffee to get cold. Well, not anymore! This dual-walled, vacuum-insulated stainless-steel tumbler is the ultimate travel mug. It will keep your drink hot or cold for hours. But the best part is that this stainless steel cup can plug into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter to keep your beverages hot while you travel! This definitely sounds like a win-win to us. Not to mention, it’s the perfect gift for those who love coffee or have a long commute to work.

Air Purifier

Car Air Purifier


Remove Dust, Pollen, Smoke and Bad Odors

$17.99 from Amazon Price: $17.99 as of 11-03-2018 18:48 CST

Okay, this one is really cool. Who knew they had an air purifier for your vehicle? This car air purifier produces negative ions that actually improve the air quality by destroying odor-causing particulates from the air, rather than simply covering up with a perfume. So, this is perfect for people who tend to eat in their vehicle a lot. You’ll never have to get in your vehicle smelling like the last thing you ate!



LED Color Changing Light Strips

LED Car Color Changing Strip Lights

Interior lights with remote

Change the colors along with the music with the remote control.

$16.99 from Amazon Price: $16.99 as of 11-03-2018 18:48 CST

Everyone in town is going to ride with you after this vehicle accessory. These light strips can change from 8 colors and brightnesses with the wireless music remote control. It also has a sound-activated function that allows you to enjoy the fun with color changing while following your vehicle’s stereo music rhythm, as well as your voice. We don’t know if you can get any cooler than this. It adds flair to your car that lets you have your personality on display. Additionally, it’s perfect for anyone who loves to deck out their vehicle with personalized trinkets.


Magnetic Phone Mount

Magnetic Car Phone Mount

Universal Use

Keep your focus on driving and not your phone with this magnetic phone mount.

$7.99 from Amazon Price: $7.99 as of 11-03-2018 18:48 CST

Make sure you’re being safe on the road and drive without being distracted on your phone. This Ultimate Magnetic Dashboard Cell Phone Mount is the latest innovation product in mobile dashboard technology. Equipped with a 3M adhesive and the 360-degree ball head joint, your phone has never had a better support system in the car! You don’t have to constantly look down or hold your phone for directions anymore. So, let this cell phone mount be an extra arm so you can drive safer.

Bouncie Car Tracker

Bouncie Car Tracker

Smart Driving Companion

Track everything from location, driving habits, alerts, geo-fence, and diagnostics.

$67.00 from Amazon Price: $67.00 as of 11-03-2018 18:48 CST

Have a teen or elderly family member you’d like to look after? Well, Bouncie may be just what you’re looking for then. With Bouncie, drivers can plug into the power of a connected automobile and view helpful information such as trip histories, driving habits, vehicle location, and maintenance reminders. Bouncie will report the location while the car is moving and then report its final location when it is parked and turned off. Not to mention, you can even set notifications for speed, rapid acceleration, hard braking, miles driven, idle time, curfew, and more!

Wireless Bluetooth FM Transmitter

Wireless Bluetooth FM Transmitter


Listen to your tunes straight from your smart phone.

$16.99 from Amazon Price: $16.99 as of 11-03-2018 18:48 CST

This wireless Bluetooth transmitter from Nulaxy is compatible with almost all smartphones on the market. Play your favorite songs in the sound of your car through Bluetooth or aux cable. Most important, it features an advanced noise reduction system that will guarantee you a quality crystal clear sound. It’s a perfect gift for people with an older automobile or that may not have Bluetooth already built in. And with this price, its both practical and affordable for everybody!

Vacuum Cleaner

Car Vacuum Cleaner

EletecPro 12V 90W

Plug this right into your car and get to cleaning.

$22.99 from Amazon Price: $22.99 as of 11-03-2018 18:48 CST

This car vacuum from EletecPro is small but mighty! It comes with many useful attachments and most importantly the brush head is motorized like a full size home vacuum! It plugs straight into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter so you don’t have to drag your home vacuum outside and find a plug. Most important, this vacuum features both quality and convenience. It’s a perfect gift for anyone who’s always on the go to keep in their automobile!


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